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Insane Peter Nolan threatening to declare WAR on all wimminz!

Loopy writes some pretty weird rants to the MEN on his e-mail but this one is pretty much the very top of a pile of steaming turds of hatred sent out over cyberspace by a psychopath who has obviously long lost any grip on reality.You see, Loopy Pete cares nothing for other MEN or their […]

How Do Humans Fit Into the 4.5 Billion Years of Life on Earth? (Video)

YouTube/Screen capture According to estimates, life has been present on the Earth for 4.5 billion years. That is a span of time that is incredibly hard for us, as humans, to wrap our heads around. Simply, it’s a period that extends beyond—well beyond—our experience as a species. Even the earliest hominids didn’t even come close […]

400 Square Foot Loft Digs Down For Extra Space

© Yen Chen Loft beds are wonderful for saving space, but you need high ceilings to make them work. Beriot, Bernardini Arquitectos renovated a ground floor apartment in Madrid and were able to create a loft by digging sixteen inches down, giving enough height to put a comfortable kitchen and teensy bath underneath. It makes […]

100 More Colleges Join Fight to Divest From Fossil Fuel Companies

Jon Knox/CC BY 2.0 Recently a whopping 72% of Harvard students voted to divest the university’s multi-billion dollar endowment from fossil fuel companies—and the university immediately said that wouldn’t happen. Nevertheless, soon more colleges will be feeling the pressure from students, as the some 100 more colleges have joined the fight, being urged on by […]

Polar Ice Sheets Melting 3 Times Faster Than Two Decades Ago

Kitty Terwolbeck/CC BY 2.0 Let there be no doubt that the poles are melting more quickly now than they have in the past: New research supported by NASA and the European Space Agency shows that the combined rate of melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica is increasing, with melting happening now at three […]

Greenpeace’s Anime Video Wants You to Help ‘Detox’ the Fashion Biz (Video)

Greenpeace /Video screen capture Ever wonder how trendspotters decipher next season’s hottest colors? Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing quotes a Greenpeace representative: “They say you can tell what next season’s hottest trend will be by looking at the colour of the rivers in China and Mexico due to the dyes and hazardous chemicals used by […]

The US Is Collecting the DNA of World Leaders

By Andrew Hessel, Marc Goodman and Steven Kotler | Hacking the Presidents DNA The U.S. government is surreptitiously collecting the DNA of world leaders, and is reportedly protecting that of Barack Obama. Decoded, these genetic blueprints could provide compromising information. In the not-too-distant future, they may provide something more as […]

Despite US Refusal to Sign On, Global Landmine Treaty Working

From: Syria sole country to employ deadly mines in 2012; US among few countries still maintaining right to produce them Only a single governmentSyriascontinued to actively deploy new landmines in 2012 while the number of countries rejecting use of of the deadly weapons increased worldwide, according to the latest annual report […]

How the Globalists Write The Script, And What Can Be Done to Change the Story

By Jack Mullen | Neo: “What truth?”, Morpheus: “That you are a slave, Neo. That you, like everyone else, was born into bondage… kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch a prison for your mind.” ~The Matrix In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus and Trinity knew […]

Men and women explore the visual world differently

Everyone knows that men and women tend to hold different views on certain things. However, new research by scientists from the University of Bristol and published in PLoS ONE indicates that this may literally be the case. Researchers examined where men and women looked while viewing still images from films and pieces of art. They […]

DNA is directly photographed for the first time

Italian physics professor Enzo Di Fabrizio captures twisted ladder that props up life      Fifty-nine years after James Watson and Francis Crick deduced the double-helix structure of DNA, a scientist has captured the first direct photograph of the twisted ladder that props up life. Enzo Di Fabrizio, a physics professor at Magna Graecia University in […]

North Korea has found a secret unicorn lair, apparently

     “Archaeologists of the History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences have recently reconfirmed a lair of the unicorn rode by King Tongmyong, founder of the Koguryo Kingdom,” reports the – wait. Stop. UNICORNS? That’s an actual snippet from a report from the Korean Central News Agency, the state news agency of North […]

Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought

Bethesda, MD – November 30, 2012 — Using genetic analyses, scientists have discovered that Northern European populations – including British, Scandinavians, French, and some Eastern Europeans – descend from a mixture of two very different ancestral populations, and one of these populations is related to Native Americans. This discovery helps fill gaps in scientific understanding […]

Currently writing an amendment, Senator Lindsey Graham favors indefinite detention – without trial – for Americans

     Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) constantly attacks the Obama administration for “government overreach” and “expanding big government” when it comes to health care, but he is currently writing an amendment to an upcoming defense bill that would allow the U.S. government to lock U.S. citizens in prison on the suspicion of terrorist association, without a […]

Jewish cotton farmers and black slavery in America

Zionists trafficking in blacks and abusing them as slaves in America. Klu Klux Klan were also Jews. — Untitled Album (9 photos)   Hits: 85

British SIS MI6 rebels terrorizing Syria again

Google and Twitter intervene in Syrian blackout Updated 17 minutes ago Photo: Internet and phone access was cut as fierce fighting was reported in Damascus (AFP: Pierre Torres, file photo) Related Story: Syria throws ‘kill switch’ on internet Related Story: Life and death with Aleppo’s Martyrs of Truth Map: Syrian Arab Republic Internet giants Google […]

Polar ice melting faster, new report says

A new study published in ‘Science’ found the ice in Greenland is melting five times faster than in the early 90s, part of what accounts for a 20 percent rise in sea level over the past two decades. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports. What had been a blurry picture about polar ice — especially how it […]

US rips new Israel plan

Marko Djurica / Reuters A masked Palestinian protester uses a sling to throw a stone at Israeli security officers (unseen) during clashes at a protest against Jewish settlements, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah on Nov. 30. The White House  and the State Department said on Friday a new Israeli settlement […]

Meet the ‘mileage addicts’

Gag me: Many nurses squeamish about ‘one thing’ The triggers span green, brown and all the vibrant colors of the digestive rainbow. Sudden squeamishness is prompted, for some, by fountains of phlegm and, for others, by certain fragrant excretions. Source Article from Hits: 42

Obama presses Congress

President Obama delivers remarks on the talks to avoid a budget crisis and tax increases at the Rodon Group Manufacturing Facility in Hatfield, Pa. HATFIELD, Pa. —  President Obama today continued his efforts to push Congress to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for income below $250,000 with a visit to a toy factory here in […]

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