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West Coast Sea Stars Turn To Mush…Pacific Dying

(GlobalResearch) NPR, Jan. 30, 2014 (Emphasis Added): […] Scientists first started noticing sick and dying sea stars last summer at a place called Starfish Point on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. […] Reports have since surfaced from Alaska to as far south as San Diego, raising questions of whether this die-off is an indicator of a larger […]

School Seizes Lunch From Students And Throws Them Away

(Luke Funk) Parents at a Utah school were angry when they found out that authorities took lunch away from dozens of students and threw them away. It happened at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City. On Monday, a district child nutrition manager was sent to the school to investigate a large number of students […]

Obama Arms Utah Police With Grenade Launchers, Tanks, & Riot Gear

(TellMeNow) It has also be revealed that over 2,240 pieces of military equipment have been sent to Utah since 2009. All of the heavy-duty equipment is valued at about $3 million. Utah police have already received about 1,230 rifles, four grenade launchers and 17 .45 caliber pistols. Many civil libertarians are becoming increasingly concerned about the Pentagon […]

FEMA Stockpiling Body Bags Since Katrina’s Top Secret Gun Confiscation Scheme

(TellMeNow) Right after Hurricane