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Patrick Leahy opposes U.S. military aid to Egypt

Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations and President pro tempore of the Senate, said he was strongly opposed to the delivery of $ 650 million in military aid to Egypt. For the Vermont Democratic Senator, the Obama administration can not support a regime that overthrew an elected president and […]

Will Ukraine have any borders by 2015?

Frontpage of the «Regulations for the military personnel in Ukraine State Border Service» with the logos of the EU and US Department of State. Earlier this month Ukraine border service officials “significantly restricted” entry of adult males from Russia. Unsurprisingly, this human rights violation went almost unnoticed by international HR organizations. Ghetto-style segregation in the […]

Venezuela’s former intelligence chief killed

Major Eliecer Otaiza, the former chief of Venezuela’s intelligence service and historical figure of the Chavista movement, was assassinated on 25 April 2014, officials have revealed. His body was found with four gunshot wounds in the suburbs of Caracas. He carried no identity document, which slowed down the work of the police. Source Article from […]

Tony Abbott linked to Catholic priest Paedophile

Tony Abbott linked to Catholic priest dumped after child abuse case   Opposition Leader Tony Abbott giving a reading at the annual parliamentary church service in Canberra this week. Picture: Kym Smith Source: News Limited Tony Abbott met John Nestor while training for priesthood John Nestor received Tony Abbott’s support during abuse case Conviction against […]

Doritos contain MSG and GMO corn

Doritos are, of course, a processed junk food made with mosodium glutamate — a taste-enhancing chemical that experts like Dr. Russell Blaylock link to obesity, food addictions, headaches and neurological damage. MSG is an excitotoxin that’s used along with huge amounts of processed salt to enhance the flavor of dead foods like Doritos. Read more […]

Al-Qaeda Ambushes Yemeni Troops, 30 Killed in Fighting

A planned “military assault” in Yemen’s Shabwa Province quickly turned into a battle, when troops were caught up in an ambush by fighters from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). What followed was a day-long battle throughout the region, with hundreds of tribal fighters coming to the side of the government to try to fend […]

Russia Slams EU, Japan Over Sanctions , Plans Retaliation

Russian officials issued statements today criticizing both Japan and the European Union for new rounds of sanctions following on the US sanctions, dubbing Japan’s move a “clumsy and counterproductive” step, and saying the EU should be “ashamed of itself” for follow US orders. In both cases officials warned the move showed a “complete lack of […]

Deputy FM: Russia Doesn’t Want to Take Over East Ukraine

In comments made at the Trilateral Commission last week, Secretary of State John Kerry dubbed Russia a “thug” responsible for stirring unrest in eastern Ukraine, claiming it was a plot to take the region over. Kerry’s comments echo those of other US and Western officials, who have been claiming Russia is trying to create a […]

Kerry: US Military Will Defend Every Inch of NATO Territory

In a speech today in Washington which was presented as a “warning” to Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia would not be allowed to “change the security landscape” of Europe and that the US was prepared to defend “every single piece” of NATO territory. There is no indication, of course, that Russia has […]

Ukraine Protesters Seize Eastern Capital of Luhansk

The Ukraine interim government’s inability to hold any serious territory in its easternmost provinces continues to be apparent today, as protesters stormed several buildings in the provincial capital of Luhansk, routing provincial police forces and raising secessionist flags. Luhansk is Ukraine’s easternmost capital, just 20 miles from the Russian border, and has seen massive protests […]

Legalized Highway Robbery, Cop Caught on Dashcam Stealing $50,000 Cash

“How much money you got?….I’m seizing it!” April 30, 2014 Infuriating dashcam footage has been released of literal “highway robbery” and it is being carried out by the police! The door to state sanctioned robbery has been open for a long time, thanks to the illegitimate and immoral “war on drugs.” However, […]

Video Surfaces of Unarmed Man Being Shot in the Back and Killed By Long Beach Police

April 29, 2014 Long Beach police were pursuing a man fleeing from a Target Store security guard for a “a crime allegedly committed at the store,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said late Sunday. When deputies arrived to help security officers locked in a struggle with the man, he pulled out a […]

State Law Hides Investigations of Police Misconduct, The Real Numbers are Staggering

18,000 complaints in the bay area alone, in just the last 5 years. April 29, 2014 A California state law called the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights (POBOR) protects police from those who allege misconduct. POBOR allows police to keep secret the details of internal investigations or even official findings of misconduct. […]

The UN-DEAD of Columbine – Matt Kechter

  A search for the “victims” of the 1999 Columbine ‘massacre’ in official records yields some shocking results. There aren’t any. One of the first complete “No Motive” school massacres ever staged, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were supposed to have embarked on gunning down 12 students and a teacher – only to shoot themselves. […]

The Resistance – April 29, 2014 Round Table

Join Us For The Round Table With Our Guests. 7 p.m. EST LiveStreaming inside the MaxResistance Main Chat Room. Watch, Chat, Listen or Question. We will also be streaming live on Topic include but not limited to Yellowstone, School Stabbing Outbreak, GeoEngineering, and The Solar Eclipse.       Thx for visiting plz […]

Cobra Update – April 29, 2014: Stand Up – The Final Resistance

During the current cardinal Grand Cross, the Archons and their etheric minions are putting pressure upon the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, trying to inflict despair and separation. I understand very well that many of you are tired, but the key is perseverance, remaining calm as much a possible and keeping unwavering focus on our vision of […]

Sheldan Nidle Update – April 29, 2014

1 Ix, 17 Kank’in, 10 Caban Dratzo! Events continue to happen behind the scenes! A number of key edicts were signed and then summarily ignored by the dark. This ultimately is a grand faux pas for the dark. It has only intensified the need to legally or otherwise push this dark cabal from power in […]

S0 News April 29, 2014: New Dawn, Typhoon, Electric Sun

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Containing Competitive Monetary Easing

As the world struggles to recover from the global economic crisis, the unconventional monetary policies that many advanced countries adopted in its wake seem to have gained widespread acceptance. In those economies, however, where debt overhangs, policy is uncertain, or the need for structural reform constrains domestic demand, there is a legitimate question as to […]

Biggest Global Health Threat? Obesity

You wouldn’t suspect that poor countries would end up being grossly obese, but since the 1980s Mexico has gone from being one of the fittest countries to being one of the fattest countries on the planet. They aren’t alone though. The projections for the growth of the number obese persons by 2030 is 1 billion people. […]

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