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Another Year of Anti-White BS Heading Our Way

“Whoever thought it could get this insane over a nigger getting killed while attacking a cop? Jews have been behind all of this insanity from the beginning. They want a race war in the worst way. Check out their filthy website that has all the info for cities all over the USA, even Canada, for […]

2014, a good year for NATO, by Manlio Dinucci

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the new Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, celebrate the restart of military affairs. For Washington and its trans-Atlantic alliance, 2014 might have been a bad year, especially in two scenarios: a Europe without war, where, despite the expansion of NATO to the east, stronger economic and […]

Killing 40 civilians in one go is “reasonable,” says Israel army ethicist

010814_ash_00_38.jpg Since the Israeli army killed more than 2,200 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip last summer, including more than 500 children, a dedicated army of official and unofficial whitewashers has been mobilized on a mission to rescue Israel’s bloodstained public image.  Such was the case on 4 December, when dozens of people, including this writer, filed into the Jewish Community […]

Revealed: Gaza orphans Israel trip was government-backed PR stunt

180714_ezz_00_4.jpg An Israeli initiative to exploit a group of Palestinian orphans from Gaza to burnish Israel’s blood-soaked image backfired on Sunday when Hamas, the Palestinian political and military resistance movement, put a stop to it. A group of children whose parents were killed in the Israeli assault on Gaza last summer and several adult chaperones […]

Alumni of elite Israeli high school call for army draft refusal

141229-israel-army.jpg Dozens of alumni and former staff members of an elite Jerusalem high school have stated their refusal to serve in the Israeli military, and call on future graduates of the Israel Arts and Sciences Academy to reject the draft. Conscientious objectors face prison time for refusing compulsory Israeli military conscription orders. “Refusing to serve […]

15 powerful ways student activists stood up for Palestine in 2014

141028-ferguson.jpg Student activists working in solidarity with Palestine are increasingly making connections with other struggles for justice. (Sarah-Ji/Flickr) For student Palestine solidarity activists around the globe, 2014 was a year of victories, challenges and creative resistance. In the US, students took on university administrators who had bent to pressure from Israel lobby groups. They held […]

Macklemore Enters Race “Debate,” Mentions White Privilege

Daily Stormer December 31, 2014 “If you can’t gas em, join em.” -Macklemore on how he became involved in the music industry Macklemore, who we sort of thought was maybe a little bit cool after he dress-up with a hook-nose to troll the Jews singing a song about being cheap, and also for modelling his […]

Louisiana Congressman Attacked by Jew Media for Speaking at Pro-White Gathering

Marcus CiceroDaily Stormer December 31, 2014 Representative Steve Scalise with family being sworn into his political position. Steve, it is time to stand up for the future of your two White Children, and time to distance yourself from the seditious trash to your left. An American Congressional Representative from the state of Louisiana has now […]

Moslems Scream Profanites in Church and Stab Germans in the Back for Wishing Them a Merry Christmas

According to an English translation of a report posted Friday at the German-language RP Online, a group of Muslim children, including one teenager, disrupted a Christmas service at St. Mary’s Catholic church in the city of Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. According to the report, the Muslims disrupted the service shouting anti-Christian profanities. A Google search, however, found that […]

Washington Times Covers Death of Christianity and Rise of Islam in Europe

Swedish bishop Bjorn Vikstrom remarked that despite Sweden’s recent loss of nearly one million Protestant churchgoers, most Swedes “miss the sense of fellowship and continuity that traditions help create.” They want the church to baptize their children and bury their dead. Minister Sven Bjorkborg adds, “people support the church because it guards important national values […]

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