2015 in Pictures: What Mondoweiss Showed The World

Today we highlight some of the amazing photographs published by Mondoweiss in 2015, showing major news events as well as daily life in Israel/Palestine. Some shots portray victories, some the depths of despair or fury, and others simply the human moments of family and work life.

We are proud to provide a channel by which these vital images reach so many people. We hope that those who understand the realities of Palestinian life may be strengthened in their convictions—and their ability to change minds—by the ongoing visual documentation of oppression.

More than that, we believe that those who have not yet focused on this critical world issue, or who have not yet freed themselves from the one-sided stories provided in the mainstream media, can be shocked into new understanding by powerful images.

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Look at the astonishing array of photos in the slide show below. And that’s just a small sample of what Mondoweiss has published in 2015! The world needs to see these images, and so many more. Please contribute today so that Mondoweiss can continue to share the Images That Power Justice. With a week to go toward the goal of $90,000, we are on track to achieve it!

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We are grateful to the gifted journalists and photographers who have captured these moments and share them through Mondoweiss. Read on to see the names of those whose photographs make Mondoweiss more persuasive every day.

Let us know if we’ve missed some of your favorite photos–and please, share this collection with friends!

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Images highlighted in the slide show and collage above are available to Mondoweiss readers thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Hamdi Abu Rahma
Abed al Qaisi
Shady Alassar
Sara Anna
Mohammed Asad
Ryan Rodrick Beiler
Dan Cohen
CPT Palestine
Allison Deger
Yasmine El-Sabawi
Martin Gajsek
Rebecca George
Shadi Hatem
Hebron Defense Committee
Dr. Rafiq Hussein
International Solidarity Movement
Sheren Khalel
Bud Korotzer/DesertPeace
Marcel Leme/Youth Against Settlements
Kelly Lynn
Alaa Mpharjh
Eamon Murphy
Ben Norton
Anne Paq
Issam Rimawi/APA Images
Jehad Saftawi
Karam Saleem
Isra Saleh El-Namy
St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee
Rob Stothard
Students for Justice in Palestine -USF
Matthew Vickery
Miakoda Wolin-Collins

Source Article from http://mondoweiss.net/2015/12/2015pictures

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