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Wear Your Slur With Pride

You browse Wikipedia and Google to get the lowdown on figures you are interested in. Predictably, after decades of liberalisation, information on far-right figures is saturated with vilification, innuendo, exaggeration, lies and half-lies. Not good, but then not so quick. There has been a volte face in public attitudes. A smear that, until recently, […]

Generous GI Bill isn’t keeping today’s veterans out of student loan debt – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

As Greenland Melts – Gulf Stream Cools – Veterans Today

Greenland Ice sheet melting down For years, scientists have studied the impact of global warming on the Greenland Ice sheets but now on the ground researchers are documenting the full impact of the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet, one of the biggest and fastest-melting chunks of ice on Earth ~ which could eventually increase sea […]

SouthFront: Ukraine military report – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

Selected Articles: Russo-American Showdown in Syria. The New “Middle East Dynamic”

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Russia’s Military Intervention in Syria Has Changed the “Middle East Dynamic”. Agreement to Disagree in Vienna on Syria

Russia’s intervention in Syria changed the dynamic on the ground and regionally, potentially with global implications, a major geopolitical development, the most important one in decades. Washington is desperate to keep its imperial agenda on track and unchallenged – why John Kerry met with 17 of his counterparts plus EU and UN envoys in Vienna […]

Germany’s secret service warns the country ‘is importing Islamic extremism’

From: Germany’s intelligence agencies have expressed serious concerns over the huge influx of migrants harbouring extremist views, it has been reported. A security document has warned of the damaging consequences of Berlin’s open-door policy which is expected to see around one million refugees enter the country this year alone. […]

Are fingerprints really concrete evidence in criminal trials?

The year was 1905. Forensic science was in its infancy. Scotland Yard had only recently begun collecting carefully pressed fingerprints from criminals, stashing the cards in pigeonholes of a makeshift filing system…After learning that a man named Alfred Stratton had been seen near the crime scene, he collected the unemployed ruffian’s thumbprint and compared it […]

Flooding in Baghdad threaten Iraq’s internally displaced

     The Iraqi capital’s internally displaced have been swamped following heavy rains. Flood waters are said to have carried away a three-year-old girl from a camp in Baghdad, while at least seven people are reported to have died nationwide. Many of the one thousand people residing in al Amal camp now find their floors turned […]

Two families displaced by sinkhole in Seffner, Florida

     Families who were forced to evacuate their homes after a sinkhole opened Friday night in a yard off Clay Pit Road will not be allowed to move back in pending an assessment by an engineer. Because the hole is on private property, it’s the residents’ responsibility to bring in a geotechnical engineer to check […]

Baby in critical condition after being mauled by family dog in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

     A 3-month-old baby is in Intensive Care after being mauled by the family dog, and the child’s mother faces charges. Angelina Lache, 27, faces charges of child neglect and obstructing an officer in the case. According to court documents, the incident was reported Tuesday. Lache was involved in a traffic accident near 16th Street […]

Operation Rescue ISIS: US sends ‘advisers’ to to aid rebel forces in Syria

     Scrambling now for weeks for an answer to their failed strategies in Syria, the U.S. empire has been licking its wounds from the setback their “7 countries in 5 years” PNAC plans have suffered at the hands of Russian strategy to take out CIA’s ISIS. Violent aggressive empires never give up in their quest […]

Veteran Israeli journalist, Amira Hass Exposes Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk [VIDEO]

This is a very interesting debate between Veteran Israeli Journalist Amira Hass and the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk. This is a must see video, please share! The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of or any […]

Reports Of Israeli Air Strikes Against Hezbollah In Syria

Media reports from Syria and Lebanon claim that Israeli air strikes have attacked Hezbollah assets in Syria. However Israel has declined to comment on the reported attacks, neither denying nor accepting them, and thus avoiding any immediate responsibility. The Times of Israel reports: According to a report on the Lebanese Debate website, six IAF jets carried out […]

Free Syrian Army General Who Asks For Russia’s Help Gets Trolled

Free Syrian Army fighters in Aleppo, 2012 Internet trolls came out in force to attack a Free Syrian Army general after he gave an interview in which he asked for Russia’s cooperation to work ‘hand in hand’ to defeat the Islamic State. The cited 3-star Free Syrian Army general was called a ‘stooge’ by the Western trolls. […]

ISIS Claim They Shot Down Russian Passenger Plane

A Russian passenger plane  en route from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg crashed early Saturday in the Sinai Peninsula, killing all on board. As ISIS affiliated group have claimed that they shot down the Russian plane, while officials have blamed technical problems for the disaster. Maxim Sokolov, the Russian minister […]

Forest Fires In Indonesia Called A ‘Crime Against Humanity’

In what might be the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century so far, Indonesia has been blotted out by smoke as well as the media. The raging forest fires across Indonesia are thought to be responsible for up to half a million cases of respiratory infections Indonesia along with Singapore and Malaysia have been […]

Hand Sign Indicates Massive Satanic Conspiracy

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Hand Sign Indicates Massive Satanic Conspiracy

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Now Is The Time For A Carbon Tax, IMF Chief Says

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called for a carbon tax late Wednesday at the IMF/World Bank annual meeting in Lima, Peru. Meanwhile, reports show that more and more places are adopting carbon taxes, in largely successful efforts to use market forces to increase clean energy development. Climate change is […]

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