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The Insanity of Opening a Restaurant

  December 31, 2016 Something light for New Year’s.  (See Comments below from restauranteurs who agree)  (From April 15, 2015)by Henry Makow Ph.D. If I were starting out in life again, I would become a psychologist instead of a writer. I would specialize in the peculiar mental derangement that causes people to open a restaurant. […]

Israel’s Descent Into a Moral Abyss

Trumps’s Deal With the Devil Ironically, Americans have had to accept a President beholden to Israel in order  to advance their own national interest.  Via their Nazi proxies, Zionists ethnically cleansed European Jews to justify the creation of Israel.  Then they did the same thing to Palestinians.  The Zionist agenda has always been a “Greater Israel.”  The West […]

13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court

A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009.  After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella […]

Your smart meter is very secure (against you) and very insecure (against hackers)

In On Smart Cities, Smart Energy, And Dumb Security — Netanel Rubin’s talk at this year’s Chaos Communications Congress — Rubin presents his findings on the failings in the security of commonly deployed smart meters. It’s not pretty. The meters are designed to treat their owners as attackers: you are […]

Report: Governments Shut Off Access to the Internet More Than 50 Times in 2016

Source: Breitbart There have been more than 50 government shutdowns of the Internet in 2016, costing the respective countries hundreds of millions of dollars and choking citizen freedoms during crucial moments. According to a report from the Brookings Institute, strangling the internet cost $2.4 billion over the course of 2016. Senior Global Advocacy […]

Iran has banned Clash of Clans for promoting violence and tribal conflict

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More Bullsh*t Fake News from Washington Post

I was laughing the moment I saw the Washington Post headline story Russian hackers penetrated U.S.electricity grid through a utility in Vermont. I did not touch the story because I thought it was BS. And it was. Glen Greenwald at the Intercept has the details in Russia Hysteria Infects WashPost Again: False […]

The First Step Towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount

“A synagogue is the first step towards building the Third Temple.” — Yaakov Hayman, the newly-elected head of Yishai (an NGO dedicated to reinstating Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount) What we see here is prophecy, slowly, being fulfilled before our very eyes. Will Trump’s pro-Zionist policies push these plans to reality? All signs point […]

Scenes from Gaza on the last day of 2016

About Mohammed Asad Mohammad Asad is a photo journalist based in the Gaza Strip where he has covered three wars, and nearly a decade of blockade. He is the 2015 winner of the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit photography “Spirit of Humanity” award, and the 2014 winner of the Abdel Razzaq Badran Photography Award, among […]

Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair

Hurrah! Another Israel-firster and anti- justice goon gone! Happy New Year, Adam! Source Article from FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponDiggemail

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