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Quebec City Mosque Attack is a Fake and a Hoax


LibreTaxi: Free and Open Source Alternative to Uber/Lyft

LibreTaxi: Free and Open Source Alternative to Uber/Lyft January 31st, 2017 Via: LibreTaxi: LibreTaxi makes taxi affordable by getting rid of the third party between passengers and drivers. Negotiate the price before the ride is confirmed, pay cash upon arrival. 1-minute hiring for all […]

Selected Articles: Haiti: History of US Regime Change, Trump’s Entry Ban and the Neo-Con Agenda, Quebec Mosque Attacker Falsely Depicted as Muslim


Sweden Took 162k Refugees Last Year, 494 Got Jobs

Just 494 out of the 162,000 refugees who applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015 have managed to get a job, according to government figures released Tuesday. Refugees are eligible to work while their applications are pending as long as they can show a valid identification document and haven’t been rejected for asylum in the […]

Iran’s president: We’re neither xenophiles nor xenophobes

Al-Monitor- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to the podium to state that independence is not equivalent to isolation — remarks that can be interpreted as a response to hard-liners’ continued criticism of the government’s foreign policy. Rouhani, who was speaking at the founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s mausoleum ahead of the 38th […]

Details of secret meeting between Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Syrian President revealed: Trump wants Assad to stay in power

American Herald Tribune– A Syrian diplomatic source underlined that the visit by 130 US figures, including three former secretaries and congresspersons, is a “good omen” in the relations between Damascus and Washington. According to the source, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard who had last week said that she met with Syrian President Bashar Assad during a recent […]

Conservative figure calls for Iran President’s stronger reaction to Trump

IFP- Former head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Organisation, Ezzatollah Zarghami, in a post in his Twitter account, requested President Rouhani to direct some of the witty remarks he utters to silence his domestic critics, at Donald Trump so that he stops scorning and disrespecting Iranians. Trump does not get the meaning […]

Police Beat Man Having Drug Overdose After Friends Called 911

The following was shared anonymously VIA the submit page. Why would someone share a post anonymously? Obviously to minimize exposure and If you have a story of police brutality please and would like to put a spotlight on the officers responsible, please share it with us for publishing. If you would like to take a […]

Alt-Majority: How Social Networks Empowered Mass Protests Against Trump

Above Photo: Doug Chayka Note: With the protests before the Inauguration as well as during it and the day after it, we pronounced the possibility of a presidency of protest. Now that possibility is becoming more of a reality with the beautiful, energetic, grassroots reaction to Trump’s injustice against immigrants from the Middle East. This is […]

Transformation: Means And Measure Of Revolutionary Change

Above Photo: by jar [o] | CC BY 2.0 To organize millions, the revolution has to create, not destroy. Truly massive movements take shape around affirmations of goodness most powerfully represented by the promise of universal values.  Our task is to fulfill this promise, recognizing that we doom our efforts to win people’s support and allegiance if we too […]

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