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Mainstream media on Gaza: Israelis get killed, but Palestinians merely ‘die’

“We remain editorially independent, our journalism free from commercial bias and our reporting open and accessible to all,” reads an advertisement on the Guardian UK’s online newspaper when you click on a recent story. “Imagine what we could continue to achieve with the support of many more of you. Together we can be a force […]

L’enfant terrible? Macron taunts Trump on Armistice Day amid talk of empire and EU army

Donald Trump’s trip to France got off to a bumpy start, and the world is still experiencing the turbulence today. Ahead of Trump’s arrival in Paris for the celebrations, Macron dropped a bombshell, speaking out on behalf of an all-European military force, which would be totally free of US patronage. “We have to protect ourselves […]

Hillary Clinton has more chance of becoming president of Libya than she does the US

The news that Hillary Clinton intends to make another run for the White House in 2020 will have sent a chill sliding down the spine of every student of William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth.’   “By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.” Wickedness and Hillary Clinton walk hand in hand. Indeed wickedness is her […]

Gaza burns hotter than Hollywood but there’s nobody to put the fires out – George Galloway

The Hollywood warriors have insurance of course, and other homes too, sometimes many of them. The hovel-dwellers of Gaza have neither. The brave firefighters of California are well-equipped and have the wind of hope of millions of well-wishers at their backs. There are no firefighters in Gaza. For Arab eyes only: Threat of war vanishes […]

NBC misses truth by a mile

NBC indicates that the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel was sparked by Gazans’ violent protests and launching of Incendiary kites and balloons.  from If Americans Knew staff In an article entitled “Gaza militants announce ceasefire with Israel in bid to avert war,” NBC completely failed to include any actual context whatsoever in its “reporting” […]

Did Israel Win or Lose Following the US Midterm Elections?

Megadonor Sheldon Adelson is seated prior to the inauguration of then President-elect Donald Trump. Adelson reportedly donated $113 million to conservative congressional candidates for the 2018 midterms. 2018 midterm elections are a mixed bag when it comes to the Palestine/Israel issue: 6 Jewish people are expected to chair important Congressional committees; 122 J-Street endorsees were elected (J-Street […]

Is Israel turning a blind eye as Israeli scammers swindle victims in France, US, elsewhere?

Investigations reveal a pattern of Israeli officials stone-walling efforts to stop the perpetrators of massive financial swindles in various countries, from Europe to the US to the Philippines… While some Israeli reporters work to expose the scams, a new one is already underway  By Alison Weir French and Israeli media report that a group largely […]

Israeli Government Target Educational Institutions, Escalate Settlements Activities

Israeli settlers in the southern West Bank [Mamoun Wazwaz/Apaimages] Israeli settler violence – with IDF complicity – is becoming more and more commonplace, even targeting elementary schools. The government has also approved extensive Israeli settlement expansions and Jewish-only roads to be built on Palestinian land, which will result in isolation of Palestinian communities and loss […]

Palestinian groups agree to Egyptian-brokered truce with Israel

Smoke rises during an Israeli air raid in Gaza [Said KHATIB/AFP] Last weekend saw an escalation of violence that started when Israeli military infiltrated Gaza, initiated a firefight, and retreated under cover of shelling. One Israeli and 7 Palestinians were killed, and Hamas responded with rockets. Today, factions in the besieged Gaza Strip say they […]

Germany and France ‘insult’ America by broaching idea of separate ‘European army’

By Finian Cunningham Information Clearing House LD: Angela Merkel (Germany) and Emmanuel Macron (France) have succeeded in angering Donald Trump by suggesting it’s time Europe got its own army, thereby dispensing with the need for the US and NATO which have managed so far to keep Europe safe from all external enemies since WWII. Trump […]

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