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Donald Trump is Jewish

Donald Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis First published June 6, 2016 As usual, this is just my opinion, based on private research. Readers have been begging me to do Trump, but I don’t think this is what they expected or wanted.Many have been fooled by him. I really don’t have much to say about […]

CIA Serves as Corporate Sponsor for National LGBT Conference

“something about the way the C.I.A. has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historic positions, and I feel that we need to correct it.” – 33rd Degree Freemason President Truman, formed the CIA in 1947 “I will splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” – President […]

Is there An Effort to Shape a False Epstein Narrative?

Derrick Broze breaks down a potential effort to shape and direct the narrative around Jeffrey Epstein’s life and death. Sources: The Mysterious Mr. Epstein podcast Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Podcast BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein Podcast EPSTEIN: Devil in the Darkness Podcast Reddit AMA’s with Podcast producers Dylan Howard Private Eyes […]

Supreme Court judge Neal Hendel said to agree to head Central Election Committee

Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel has agreed to head the Central Elections Committee if fresh elections are called this week, a report said Sunday. Chief Justice Esther Hayut offered the post to Hendel, who would be replacing Justice Hanan Melcer, who presided over the two inconclusive elections this year, in April and September, the Haaretz […]

Several said killed in airstrikes on Iranian-controlled weapons depots in Syria

Unidentified aircraft bombed three Iranian-controlled weapons depots on Saturday night, killing several members of Tehran-supported militias, Syrian media reported. Some news outlets in the country said that four fighters were killed in the strike, while others said five. The Syrian government did not immediately release an official tally. According to the Syrian Step News agency, […]

US Justice Department expected to find Trump-Russia probe valid, despite flaws

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department’s internal watchdog will release a highly anticipated report Monday that is expected to reject US President Donald Trump’s claims that the Russia investigation was illegitimate and tainted by political bias from FBI leaders. But it is also expected to document errors during the investigation that may animate Trump supporters. […]

Ultra-Orthodox man filmed biking up to bus and vandalizing image of woman

An ultra-Orthodox man has been filmed riding his bike up to a bus and vandalizing the image of a woman in an advertisement on the back of the vehicle in the city of Bnei Brak, drawing outrage. In footage published Sunday by Hebrew-language media, the man can be seen riding an electric bike on Rabbi […]

Rivlin holds off on pardon for jailed tycoon Nochi Dankner

President Reuven Rivlin will not consider a pardon request for a prominent businessman imprisoned on securities-related offenses until a probe into his alleged misbehavior in prison is complete, the president’s office said on Sunday. The statement comes just two days after Justice Minister Amir Ohana signed off on a pardon request for Nochi Dankner, the […]

2019: Year of the Rock Spider in Review

In my free book Eyes Wide Open, I expose the global child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA for the British Royal family. I explain how the banks have long been used to launder money made from the CIA-coordinated global child trafficking operation and channel proceeds of crime into CIA-created ‘terrorist’ groups and activities. Here are […]

WATCH: Naomi Klein talks climate justice, Palestine, and white supremacy

Naomi Klein spoke about climate justice, white supremacy and Palestinian rights in an online conversation hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace and co-sponsored by +972 Magazine last Thursday. The conversation was facilitated by Rabbi Alissa Wise, deputy director of Jewish Voice for Peace, and focused in large part on ideas Klein introduces in her latest […]

For the Israeli right, Jewish-Arab partnership is the stuff of nightmares

The Israeli right’s support for a unity government with the center-left bloc is, on the face of it, a puzzle. A potential governing coalition containing Likud and Blue and White would seem to be more in the interest of the latter than the former. Such a government could halt the politicization of the Supreme Court […]

Normandy Four summit on Ukraine’s future: What’s at stake?

Virtual carte-blanche to Zelensky Volodymyr Zelensky has the biggest interest of them all. By handing him victory in the spring election, the voters hoped for peace, an armistice in Donbass and better ties with Russia. There is no doubt that Zelensky personally, as well as his closest circle, shares these objectives. However, Ukraine’s political scene […]

Rise of Skywalker is the last chance to revive Disney’s Star Wars, but do fans still care enough? Does anyone?

If you have lived in the media bubble for the past three years, you may believe the only objection to the franchise’s direction comes from a shady group of politically motivated nerds. If you are outside of the bubble, you are well aware that Disney’s post-George Lucas universe has struggled to connect with its audience, […]

Corbyn v. Johnson leaders’ debate is won by… Labour’s Barry Gardiner

As leaders’ debates go (and I’m not a big fan of this particular US import), it wasn’t too bad. The BBC’s Nick Robinson chaired it quite fairly and allowed both the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader to finish off their points. It was a far cry from the abysmal ITV ‘debate’ a few weeks […]

WADA’s blurred lines & blind spots would lead to a moral blackout should it ban Russia

The climax of the latest WADA farce will take place when an executive committee will convene on Monday in Lausanne to decide whether to impose a draconian law to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant for four whole years, excluding the nation from taking part in next year’s Tokyo Games and the 2022 Winter […]

Celebrating the ‘revival’ of sleeper trains in Europe, don’t forget Russia has been running those for decades

“Sleeper trains are back!” That’s according to Bloomberg business news who reported this week that long distance night time trains will be returning to Europe. Amen! Like a station conductor waving their green flag high in the air with excitement along a smoky platform… Let’s all rejoice at the news! Trans-Siberian train narrowly escapes inferno […]

#CultureWars #LogosRising How Sexual Perversion Like “Drag Queen Story Hour” Destroys Society

Source Article from Related Posts The Story of the CIA’s “Finders” Child Abduction Operation: The CIA Traffics in Drugs, Child Ritual Sexual Abuse, and Global Murder, 7/2005 E-Y Posted July 2005 [Note from Ken Adachi: I first saw the report After His Mysterious Death, the Media Scrambles to Get its Story Straight About […]

"Cash Strapped" Elon Musk Is Buying Up Entire Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

Elon Musk, who claimed during his recent successful trial versus Vern Unsworth that he was “short on cash” despite being worth over $20 billion, has no problems making exorbitant purchases.  Believe it or not, but these “financial hardships” haven’t stopped Musk from buying out entire neighborhoods in Los Angeles, according to the Wall Street Journal, […]

"Trump Should Not Rely on NATO": The Once Formidable Alliance Has Turned Into A Gossip Circle

Authored by Nicholas Guy, originally posted in Human Events In March, news that Germany refused to meet the financial obligations that come with membership to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was met with some ire by the general public. This shocked few national defense pundits, however. For President Trump, who ran on a platform of holding […]

US Shocks With Inflated Claim Of 1,000 Iranian Protesters "Murdered" By Regime

The Trump administration has issued an assessment of the recent unrest in Iran which had raged for a couple weeks after protests in some 100 cities were triggered by a sudden fuel price hike on Nov. 15 when government subsidies were slashed. Though international reports and human rights monitoring groups have consistently cited a little over 200 […]

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