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YouTube censorship

YouTube censorship Such sore LOSERS! The Antichrist hate the TRUTH. Here is just one (JewTube) Youtube Video that claims the IDF are heroes for killing unarmed innocent women and children. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are so brave to genocide innocent semite families that have no weapons to fight back. Most of my replies and […]

Interview: Uli Wiegand of InterOrdnance on Importing Guns from Africa

Uli Wiegand is the President of InterOrdnance, and recently invited me to his facility to take a look at the first shipment from a huge batch of collectible firearms he spent 8 years working to import from central Africa. The cache includes all manner of models, including Enfields, Mausers, Carcanos, Gras, Lebel, vz52s, and much […]

Disabled Veteran Forced To Make Tough Choice. Get Evicted Or Give Up His PTSD Support Dog

A Vietnam veteran called 6 On Your Side Investigates after being told to either get rid of his dog or move out. Willie Williams is a disabled veteran who lives at Freedom’s Path on the Chillicothe VA Medical Center campus. He says he called 6 On Your Side Investigates because he didn’t know where […]

Woman Starved Her Dog Of Food And Water For Months & Dog Was Found Locked In Cage In Dumpster

A woman in Wichita, Kansas, has been charged with animal cruelty after a malnourished dog, locked in a cage, was found in a dumpster outside of an apartment complex earlier this month. As reported by KAKE News, the cruelty suspect is identified as Raykesha Hardyway. The dog found in the cage, dubbed Bowie, was so […]

Dog Died Of Starvation In Tennessee, Has Sparked An Investigation And The Offering Of A Reward.

The discovery of a skeletal dog, who died of starvation in Sevier County, Tennessee, has sparked an investigation and the offering of a reward. The skin and bones boxer mix, dubbed Athena, died shortly after approaching people in Kodak. The Sevier Animal Care Center writes: We need your help! Animal Control is seeking any […]

US Military Announces Three New Bases in Iraq After Iraqis Demand Full Withdrawal

(MPN) — Less than a week after millions of Iraqis took to the streets demanding the U.S. military leave for good, the United States announced that is planning to build three new military bases in Iraq, according to military news service Breaking Defense. The three sites chosen – Erbin, Sulimania and Halabja – are all extremely close to Iran, with Halabja […]

Woman Saves Two Dogs Dumped on Highway, Calls Out Owner on Craigslist

Abandoning animals is a cruel thing to do and a woman who witnessed two puppies being dumped by their owner is saying out loud what we are all thinking of this kind of culprits who treat animals with disrespect. She spotted the dogs while driving along a busy road near Atlanta and got extremely mad […]

Cruel woman she poured Incendiary materials on her dog and abandoned to die

Deputies in Baton Rouge charged Leslie Aguillard, 30, with theft of a vehicle, theft of an animal, cruelty to an animal and kill her dog. Click below to watch video Source Article from Hits: 30

Shocking video of a Huge Alligator devours and eating husky dog when he was drink water

A ‘behemoth of a gator’ came out of nowhere and ate a 9 month old Siberian husky in Jacksonville, North Carolina, according to the dog’s owners. Amy Matz was out walking and playing fetch with her husky, Simba, on Tuesday when the 80-pound dog ran over to a nearby creek to drink some water where […]

ِAmazing video of a loyal guide dog saves blind owner’s life after subway track fall

After Cecil Williams, a blind man, fell on the subway track in New York City, he was saved with the help of his guide dog, Orlando. But in the midst of all this, Williams says he actually can’t afford to keep Orlando and will have to give him up for adoption. After word got out […]

Your Smart Vehicle is Recording Your Every Move

(TMU) — Recent reports indicate that data gathered by automakers and tech companies could be the next front in the battle over digital privacy. In early January, companies at the CES 2020 displayed their plans for making use of the surprising amounts of data gathered by newer model vehicles. Amazon, Intel, Qualcomm, and Blackberry were […]

Chicago Police Are Using a Facial Recognition Program That Scans Billions of Facebook Photos

(TMU) — Manhattan-based Clearview AI is collecting data from unsuspecting social media users and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is using the controversial facial recognition tool to pinpoint the identity of unknown suspects, reads a report from the Chicago Sun-Times. And according to a bombshell New York Times report, it is also being used by […]

Meet the Rare ‘Sea Wolves’ Who Live Off the Ocean and Can Swim for Hours

(TMU) — The documented flora and fauna on Earth is truly astounding, having evolved from minuscule cells over millennia into the plants and animals we have today, estimated by biologists to be over 8.7 million species. Although approximately 1 million new species are discovered every year, it is likely that millions more remain undiscovered. In […]

CDC Diverts Flight of American Evacuees to Military Base in California as Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

Bill Gates’ Wuhan China’s Coronavirus An Optogenetics Bio Weapon Experiment? (read more) Natural News, 1/29/2020 The CDC ordered a flight of up to 240 American evacuees from the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic region to be diverted to a military base in the United States, reports The Epoch Times. Upon orders from the CDC, the flight was […]

Derrick Broze Educates NEW Houston City Council About 5g

Derrick Broze visits the new Houston City Council to introduce himself and educate them about 5g. Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, and empowering the people to wake up and build a better world: […]

Who is Bellingcat?

Derrick Broze investigates the “Open-Source Journalism” outfit Bellingcat. Sources: Elliot Higgins Is the Purge of Independent Media a Coordinated Attack by the Military Industrial Complex? Year in Review: ‘The biggest threat is failing to address the reality of online alternative media ecosystems.’ Support our work AND get a free ounce […]

Bloomberg unveils Super Bowl ad focused on gun violence

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will use his Super Bowl ad to highlight his efforts to combat gun violence as he blankets the airwaves against US President Donald Trump. Trump and Bloomberg will be airing dueling ads during Sunday’s NFL championship game, with both campaigns spending an estimated $10 million on […]

Soccer player gets 4.5 years for leaving scene of hit-and-run that killed teen

The Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday sentenced an Israeli soccer player to 4.5 years in prison for abandoning the scene of an accident and obstructing the subsequent investigation after the 2018 hit-and-run killing of a teen riding on an electric bike with a friend. Yitzhak Asefa, a soccer player for the Israel Premier League’s […]

Iranian hackers monitor hotels, travel industry to follow targets, expert warns

Iranian intelligence services and other organizations they are backing are monitoring hotels, the travel industry and phone calls to carry out surveillance on individuals through the data they collect, with the aim to possibly cause physical harm to these individuals, a cybersecurity expert warned a gathering of officials and entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv on Thursday. […]

High Court petition seeks to strip ‘rabbi’ title from Moti Elon over sex crimes

A petition was filed Wednesday with the High Court of Justice against a Chief Rabbinate of Israel decision allowing a rabbi convicted of sexual assault, Mordechai “Moti” Elon, to keep his title. In April, a Rabbinate disciplinary committee, which had threatened to strip Elon of his title, decided that he could keep it after he […]

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