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The Prototype .280 FAL from 1950s NATO Trials

After World War Two, the new NATO defense alliance held a series of trials to adopt a standard cartridge and infantry rifle. This would eventually devolve and the goal of a standardized rifle would be abandoned, but during the early trials there were three main contenders: the British EM-2, the American T-25, and the Belgian […]

Owners Watch as Their Dog Returns from the Woods With a Bear Friend

The trip this family took turned into one of the most memorable ever. As they were driving near the woods, their dog felt like he needed to take a potty break, so they pulled over and let him do the job and explore the surrounding for a while. But, what they didn’t expect was for […]

Dog Sits and Guards Injured, Pregnant Friend as Cars Continue to Fly By

One dog’s compassion for a friend in need touched us to the core. It’s not that we didn’t know how special and caring canines are already, but it seems they want to show that to us over and over again. As the injured and pregnant German Shepherd stood on the side of a busy road […]

Study Suggests That Moderate Drinkers Live Longer Than Those Who Totally Abstain

(TMU) — Enjoying a small bit of booze on a daily basis could actually help boost your life-span to a healthy 90 years of age, researchers have found. The study, spearheaded by a team of scientists at Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, discovered that men and women who indulge in a daily drink are 40 […]

Lost 1,000-year-old Hebrew Bible found on dusty Cairo synagogue shelf

In July 2017, Israeli historian Yoram Meital stumbled upon a handwritten 1028 CE biblical codex that was lying abandoned on a dusty shelf in a Cairo synagogue. Wrapped in simple white paper of the sort one finds on tables in cheap eateries, at 616 pages, the Zechariah Ben ‘Anan Manuscript is one of the era’s […]

Remaining Iran nuclear deal members to meet on pact

BRUSSELS (AFP) — The remaining parties to the Iran nuclear deal will meet in Vienna on Wednesday, the EU’s diplomatic service announced, after Britain, France and Germany launched a dispute process over Iran’s successive pullbacks. The office of EU diplomatic chief Josep Borrell — who is tasked with convening the commission under the dispute mechanism […]

Amazon show’s fictional Nazi atrocities could fuel Holocaust denial, critics say

Amazon has come under fire for its new Nazi-hunting drama series, with critics saying its fictitious depictions of Nazi atrocities could give rise to Holocaust denial. The museum of the Auschwitz death camp objected particularly to a scene in “Hunters,” the show about a fictional postwar hunt in New York for Nazi war criminals starring […]

Netanyahu dodges question on law that could stop his prosecution

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused on Wednesday to rule out legislation after the election to provide him immunity from conviction, even after his criminal trial has began, saying in one interview that “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” before later, apparently backtracking, saying he would not personally legislate such a law. Netanyahu’s […]

Let’s do launch: 7 things to know for February 24

1. My threat or yours? A week before elections seems like a good time for Israel to careen from potential disaster to potential disaster. A flareup on the Gaza border that has snowballed into body snatching and airstrikes has quickly shoved the coronavirus off the top of the news agenda. Instead, the south is in […]

Bio-Weapon’s Massacres out of China: 8 dead in Iran, 5 in Italy: 219 Italians infected, guinea-pigs for FiveEyes’ vaccine?

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy If the good news comes from Austria that the railway connections with Italy blocked yesterday at the Brenner border have been restored, the CoronaVirus catastrophe appears more and more like a military attack studied in detail (by the CIA according to our intelligence sources as highlighted in […]

Mad Mike Hughes rocket ship death wish finally comes true

…from Russia Today, Moscow [ Editor’s Note: I don’t really know quite what to say here, rare for an editor/columnist. I just now read the end of the story, after choosing to run in based on the headline and video, to find out that he has made several attempts to do this before and somehow […]

NATO has no plans to provide military support to Turkey in Idlib: report

…from al-Masdar News,  via TASS [ Editor’s Note: NATO has rained on Erdogan’s parade, after putting out feelers that he might ask for NATO assistance to deal with the Idlib situation by claiming Turkish troops are dying in the observation post due to Syrians preferring to kill Turks despite their being thousands of Jihadis around […]

Philip Haney, Israeli operative, fake whistleblower and Deep State shill kills himself

Who was this guy?  First of all, he wasn’t a whistleblower.  Haney pushed coverups of 9/11, of torture and rendition and blew the whistle on real whistleblowers.  Haney was a snitch and backstabber, an advocate of mass surveillance, of racism, of zionism and bigotry. Haney made things up, published them through despicable zio-rags and was […]

Not Guilty!

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead) Finally! The impeachment nonsense is over and President Trump has been triumphantly acquitted. Like the Russia collusion hoax it has been a politically motivated nonsense from beginning to end. The Democrats have made themselves look like idiots. […]

Addicted to the Occult: A Book Review

Welcome to Fiona’s Book Club. I recently had to sever ties with an old and dear friend, due to her addiction to the occult. A decade ago, my friend (‘Alison’) began paying a guru/witch (‘WitchyD’) for past life regression ‘therapy’, aura reading and manipulation, and kinesiology. Under WitchyD’s influence, Alison’s brain and life slowly turned […]

Meet the foreign policy teams shaping the Democratic Party’s views on Israel

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is doing something no American politician has done before: running as the Democratic front-runner for president while harshly criticizing Israel. Just last Tuesday, Sanders slammed Israel’s “right-wing racist government” during a CNN town hall in Nevada, four days before he won a resounding victory in the state’s caucuses. On Sunday, he […]

New evidence reveals Bedouin citizen was left to die after police shooting

A new petition to Israel’s High Court of Justice challenges the decision by Israeli authorities to close the investigation of the police killing of Yacoub Musa Abu al-Qi’an in the unrecognized Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in January 2017. Abu al-Qi’an, a Bedouin citizen, and police officer Erez Levi were killed and several others wounded […]

Beyond Modi-Trump hugs and promises: Why India must play hardball over US president’s Delhi visit

It is not often that the world’s most powerful person needs you badly. And when that person is an unreliable friend and an irresponsible motormouth, it is imperative that you use his moment of need. India is ready to give US President Donald Trump a carnival-style welcome on February 24 served with cold interest. This […]

Gamma Trapdoor Opens: Markets Brace For "Shock Down" As Dealers Puke

When commenting on the market’s surprising resilience on Friday, and remarkable index “pins” at the key numbers of 29,000 for the Dow and 3,333 for the S&P, we said that much if not all of this had to do with the build up of dealer gamma, most of which however was set to fade away […]

"America Doesn’t Need A Revolution": Judge Judy Says She’ll Fight The Bernie Sanders Campaign "To The Death"

What better beacon of capitalism to step up against socialism than the Brooklyn born, American success story that is Judge Judy? Judy Sheindlin, the former family court judge and now millionaire many times over after becoming the unofficial queen of daytime television said she is ready to take her struggle against Sanders’ campaign “to the death”, according […]

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