60 Minutes Segment on Superbugs Didn’t Mention Research About How Exposure to Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Can Increase Antibiotic Resistance

By B.N. Frank

If you didn’t catch 60 Minutes this week, their segment on Superbugs and antibiotic resistance was terrifying.  Antibiotic resistance is already a matter of life and death for some people and it’s only supposed to get worse.

Research has demonstrated that bacteria exposed to cell phone and WiFi radiation can become antibiotic resistant.

From NewsVoice, August 5, 2018,

Recently, Taheri and coworkers [cf. Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28203122; see also Johansson O, “Bacteria, mobile phones & WiFi – a deadly combination?”, Nya Dagbladet 31/5, 2017, have demonstrated that bacteria exposed to cellular and WiFi radiation became antibiotic resistant.

Activist Post published articles about this last fall in regard to warnings being issued to pet owners about pet saliva causing antibiotic resistant infections in owners (see 1, 2).

Of course, reducing exposure to cell phone and WiFi radiation includes making some different lifestyle choices.  But other than that, it’s not easy to do because of all the new wireless radiation-emitting devices and infrastructure being installed everywhere with no consideration for how much increased exposure will affect the public.  This includes the “Race for 5G,” “Smart Cities,” utility “Smart” Meters, and much more.

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