7-Year-Old Draws “Wanted” Poster after His Dog Got Stolen

The love between kids and dogs is the purest of all. They are always ready to go above and beyond for each other’s safety.

After a Boston Terrier named Ralph got stolen, his human sibling draw a “wanted” poster and melted many hearts.

Ralph was taken from outside the family’s home in Fairfield Avenue in Bredbury, Stockport. Stacey Donaldson, the owner, says how the whole family is devastated and are doing their best to get Ralph home as soon as possible, especially her 7-year-old son Camron.

“He’s absolutely heartbroken,” she said. “He was up all night crying. He slept in our bed because he didn’t want to be on his own – Ralph usually sleeps in his room, Camron has a bunk bed and he sleeps on the top and Ralph in the bottom.”

Sweet Camron felt helpless, but he still found a way to help with the search, so he got busy and draw the “wanted” poster depicting his loving pet and himself crying.

“He is cute and fluffy and is very gorgeous. He knew us as much as we knew him. We miss him so much, we just want him home,” were the words Camron wrote and hoped will help get his furry brother back.

Stacey posted her son’s drawing to the Facebook group set up to help track Ralph down. Finding him as soon as possible is very important because he’s taking medicine that help him battle life-threatening disease.

They are checking all nearby CCTV’s and posted flyers all around the neighborhood hoping for a positive outcome.

Ralph has been part of the family for four years and they took him in when he was just a baby.

Stacey believes sharing the story of what preceded the dognapping will help the search. “He’s quite an anxious dog, he doesn’t like being on his own so he always goes to work with Craig. Craig has a gardening business, and he’d just arrived at a job on Fairfield Avenue at around 11 am. He was unloading the van – it was shut but not locked – it’s a really small road off a cul-de-sac and it’s really quiet, you hardly ever seen anyone down there. He was gone a matter of minutes, and when he came back Ralph was gone,” she wrote.

They are offering money reward for any information about Ralph.

After reviewing plenty of CCTV, Stacey and her partner Craig wrote how the person who took Ralph could be driving a white Vauxhaul Combo van that has two black roof rails.

We hope Ralph will be reunited with his family very soon. Please share this story, it may get to someone who has information that might be useful.

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/7-year-old-draws-wanted-poster-after-his-dog-got-stolen/

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