75% of American Jews Are Voting for Pedo Biden

Kikes love Biden because he’s more anti-white than Trump.


Fully three quarters of US Jews intend to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election, in which voting has already started. According to a poll commissioned by the American Jewish Committee, 75 percent of those polled said they were voting for Biden, the former vice president under former President Barack Obama, and just 22% said they were voting for incumbent president Donald Trump.

Trump’s approval rating amongst US Jews was similar, with 22% saying they think Trump has taken the US in a good direction, compared to 77% who disagreed. The poll was conducted by the SSRS company on a sample of 1,334 US Jews above the age of 18 between Sept. 9 and Oct.4 with a margin of error of 4.2%. 

Respondents to the poll rated the COVID-19 pandemic as the most important factor in the decision to vote for in the election, followed by the candidates’ health care plans, the economy, inter-societal relations, crime, and foreign affairs. And around three quarters of respondents said that Biden would deal with major issues facing the country better than Trump, apart from “strengthening US – Israel relations” where only 54% of respondents said Biden would be better, compared to 42% saying Trump would do better. 

Trump is an idiot.

Despite obsequious pandering to jews throughout his first term, still only 1/4 of American jews will vote for him. Despite less than 10% of negroes voting for him the first time, he promises to shower them with billions in loans and gibs.

Trump is a moron.

He believes that he must suck up to minorities to get their vote, doesn’t get their vote anyway but continues to kiss their ass, pander, and give blowjobs to faggot jews and criminal negroes.

Trump is a dumbass.

Spending any time campaigning or supporting this lousy jew-loving flake is a waste of time for white people. Building pro-white communities away from the big, liberal shithole cities is where white people need to put their time and energy.

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