9/11: Demolition of WTC-7 Began Before Twin Towers Collapsed

Emergency Coordinator, Barry Jennings a victim of explosive demolition inside WTC-7 before Twin Towers collapsed

Video below confirms explosive damage to WTC-7 and reported casualties. Also notice Jennings reveals he was of Muslin faith when he commented “pray to Allah”.

9/11 WTC Bulding 7:  Emergency Coordinator, Barry Jennings Testimony Reveals Explosions in the Building Before the Twin Towers Collapsed.

Jennings was inside on the 23rd floor when the alleged second plane hit. Then he found the EOC was evacuated where staff had abandoned hot coffee and food.

He and Mr. Michael Hess evacuated the building using a stair-well.  When they reached the 6th floor they heard an explosion beneath them that caused the 6th floor landing to give way . With no way to go down, they were forced to climb back upstairs to the 8th floor.

The fire department came twice – Once after the first tower fell and again after the second tower fell.

Jennings was trapped in the building for several hours and heard “all kinds of explosions” during this time.

The fire department finally evacuated Hess and Jennings to the lobby where they were told not to look down. Jennings said he was aware that he was stepping over bodies as he evacuated.

Jennings was confronted by a police officer who told him to run out of the building because they “heard reports of more explosion”.  Jennings said his knees were so swollen that he had to crawl. During his escape, he heard more explosions.

Jennings expressed dismay as to why WTC-7 came down in the first place.

Jennings story reveals that WTC-7 was under demolition hours before it actually collapsed, challenging Larry Silverstein’s claim that it was “pulled” at 4:20 PM.

I submit the plausibility that early demolition were designed to weaken the building so that it would collapse after being hit by part of the South Tower collapse. But following the failure of a substantial hit to bring down Building 7, a decision was made to detonate the remaining charges even if the appearance of a classic controlled demolition was obvious to the media cameras.
Note that Jennings revealed in the 2nd video that he was of Muslim faith where he exclaimed, ” I started praying to Allah”.




Source Article from https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2017/11/13/9-11-demolition-of-wtc-7-began-before-twin-towers-collapsed/

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