A Man Was Killed While Transporting A Rooster To A Deadly Cockfight

A man, taking a rooster to participate in a violent and deadly cockfight, was killed when the rooster he was transporting slashed him on the neck. According to multiple sources, 50-year-old Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao died after the blade attached to the rooster’s leg slashed him, causing a fatal stroke, reports the Daily Beast.

Click 2 Houston reports that Rao was a regular at cockfights – the rooster who ultimately killed him was supposed to be participating in one of the illegal contests.

Cockfights are illegal in India, but the bloody contests happen anyway. In fact, the fight that the man-killing rooster was headed to took place, despite the “attack” on Rao.

An Indian man transporting his rooster to an illegal cockfight died after the bird tried to break free and a blade tied to its claw slashed the owner’s neck, CNN reported. Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao, 50, was rushed to the hospital but had a fatal stroke. Police spokesman Kranti Kumar said that despite the tragic turn, the cockfight went on as planned. Cockfighting has been illegal in India for decades but is still a popular gambling activity.

“The offenses have been made very clear and explained to the district and state authorities, but they choose to turn a blind eye towards it. It is not just for entertainment that these animals are made to fight, but it is (also) due to the heavy betting and gambling that goes on in the garb of these events,” Maulekhi said.Kumar said the local cockfight went ahead without any arrests.A 2014 Supreme Court judgment clarified the illegality of animal fighting under India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. In 2015, Maulekhi used that judgment to intervene in a state court petition to lift the ban on cockfighting — and the ban was upheld.”I don’t think culture has anything to do with it — it is purely a money game and hysteria takes over, reason and logic just take a back seat such that neither the animal’s welfare nor the people’s welfare is enough to stop it,” Maulekhi said.

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