A Single Question You Need To Ask Yourself To Get The Best Mattress

Buying a new mattress can be overwhelming because a mattress is an investment you are going to spend a large part of your life sleeping on.

Furthermore, the mattress market is already filled with hundreds of mattress brands. That is not all; the available options come in different sizes, densities, materials, others with additional features, which makes it difficult to make the right choice.

Actually, your pick depends solely on the questions that you will ask yourself. Nevertheless, there is that one question that you must get it right in order to get yourself a good mattress.

How firm should the mattress be?

How firm a mattress needs to be is a very common question among many mattress buyers. However, the topic of firmness is bound by varied opinions because we are different and so are our preferences.

In a like a manner, what company ‘A’ list as ‘firm’ might be medium-firm to company ‘B’. So what does this mean? In simple terms, it means that how firm or soft a mattress needs to depend on your own definition of soft, medium and firm.

And this explains why you are going to find mixed reviews on whether you need a firm or soft mattress. There are those who think that a good mattress is one that is too firm while others think that a good mattress needs to be soft.

Honestly speaking there cannot be one perfect mattress for all. Given these points, the right mattress is a matter of personal preference. Before I forget, you should not confuse mattress firmness with support.

Firmness is all about how comfortable the mattress feel when you lie on it. On the other hand, support is about how well your spine is aligned. Back to our business, a mattress can be either feel firm, medium-firm or soft.

Firm mattress

If you choose a firm mattress, your body will be raised. This is because the mattress cannot respond quickly to your body weight. As a result, your heavier parts like the hips and shoulders will be hard pressed. Similarly, your spine will be misaligned causing you discomfort and back pains.

Medium mattress

A mattress with medium firmness is neither soft nor firm. The good thing with this firmness level is that it conforms to your body shape and contours easily. This provides a perfect balance of comfort and support needed for perfect night rest.

The heavier parts of your body will sink a little while at the same time the body is supported and your spine is properly supported. This posture allows you to enjoy a more restful and deeper sleep.

Soft mattress

If you sleep on a very soft mattress the heavier parts of your body sink deeper. While it gives a good hug, it does not provide you adequate support and therefore the sinkage will misalign your spine causing back issues.

On a scale of 1-10, a rating of 1 will stand for ‘very soft’, 5 will stand for ‘medium’ and 10 will stand for a very firm mattress. based on your preferences, you can choose what is perfect for you. However, the most recommendable option is one with a medium firmness level.

As noted above, this mattress offers medium comfort and medium support this keeps your body nicely suspended and without pressure points. Sleeping on such a platform will give you a luxurious night rest.


Now you know how different firmness level performs and you can make an informed decision about the right firmness for you. Beware not to confuse the support and firmness level of your mattress. If you can identify the firmness level that is ideal for your own needs, then you have already made one-step towards buying a good mattress for yourself.

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