A “TO DO” List for Every Patriot Between Now and the Election

Submitted by dogismycopilot

The first step is to recognize the facts for what they are:


2. Create a tribe of like minded friends and family you can trust with your life.

3. Get involved at local politics RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARDS. We can take those back this November.

4. spread the word get people to vote. if you think voting doesn’t matter than you fail to (Or are afraid to)see it is part of the rules of engagement process in your psyche (ballot box, soap box and then cartridge box). If you don’t want to vote then you will never use the other two boxes and are a coward across the board.

5. Turn off the bread and circuses (Hollywood and processional sports) and get involved for next 90 days. Even just 5 minutes a day doing something to press back against the communists / marxists democrats.

6. You and your family either have 90 days or 4 years to prepare for the Globalist takeover. Remember that Trump buys you 4 more years to prepare for the inevitable economic breakdown that will happen.

7. Donate time to your local Republican candidates. Donate money if you can.

8. Weaponize your your wallet and boycott the NBA and Sports and Hollywood and the 269 companies supporting BLM.

9. Train and get healthy and prepare to know what your red lines are and what actions you will take.

10. Make your lists of agitators and trouble makers.

11. Make sure you know your local self defense laws, have CCW insurance and shoot to kill if your life is threatened.

12. Find peace with your Creator and Higher Power.

13. Put the house in a trust and make sure you have life insurance if you have a wife and kids.

14. Discretion is better per of valor. You want to be a gray man of action. Leave the MAGA gear for others.

15. Make a plan. Work your plan. Print this list and expand on it

16. STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! look to ZH, Infowars, SOTN and other Alt Media for intel and updates.

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