“A Vomit-Inducing Spectacle” – World Reacts with Shock and Fear to Kylie Jenner’s New Ape Baby

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

Nigh the entirety of humanity has reacted with shock, fear and outrage as Kylie Jenner unveiled her nigger child to the world.

“This is an outrage,” said one person from the internet, adding, “this is a vomit-inducing spectacle.”

“This is intended to strike fear in the seer,” said another person from the internet.

The theory that Jews are using imagery of the apelike visage of the infant was widespread, with some other person from the internet saying “I advise you not to click any links to images of Kylie Jenner’s burrheaded little niglet, as these images are being spread by the kikes into order to drive you off the edge.”

Alex Jones allegedly claimed that the niggerbaby was part of a “deep state psyop” by the Communist Chinese to drive white men into homosexuality, because they are so disgusted by white women’s behavior that they would rather “suck on a ding-dong.” However, we were not able to confirm that Jones actually said this, because he is banned from everything.

There was initially some controversy as to whether the rap nigger Tyga is the father of the baby…

…or if Kylie was inseminated with the primitive jungle seed of her Homo Erectus bodyguard, whomst the nigger-loving whore was also getting railed by.

The nigger Tyga claimed that the child was not his, though internet experts claimed this was a “standard spook tactic to get out of paying child-support for the abominations they spit out of their dicks into stupid sluts.”

However, in April a DNA test was done to prove that the abominable ape creature then growing inside Jenner was in fact fathered by the second nigger.

With seemingly the entire world outraged, support for the nigger child’s creation came from a likely source: the Pakistani child refugee and conservative documentary film-maker Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza called the disreputable infant “a true blessing to American freedom” and “a continuation of the Republican legacy of inclusiveness.”

D’Souza announced on Twitter that “white women getting railed and inseminated by African tribespeople is at the heart of the American ideal of freedom and justice.”

He added that he would be sending the newborn niglet a copy of his latest film, “Death of a Nation” “completely free of charge.” He did however ask that the Jenner family pay the shipping and handling costs of $4.99.

Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer, who D’Souza has alleged is secretly the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, strangely also commented positively on the unveiling of the niglet, saying “we need more white women in this country getting slayed by black men.”

He later amended the statement after facing backlash after it was suggested by black leaders that he was endorsing the idea that black men constantly murder white women, saying, “I meant ‘slayed’ as in getting fucked, not ‘slayed’ as in murdered. I am 67-years-old and Jewish and I do not know all the new slang millennial goyim are using these days. I do know, however, that a black male has never killed a white woman in America.”

Though the comments from D’Souza and Schumer may seem to indicate that there is contention in America over the issue of the newest Jenner niggerbaby, there actually is not. A poll showed that 97.9999% of America was so disgusted by the visage of Jenner’s abomination that they would defriend anyone on Facebook who sent them a link to pictures of the ape child.

America is 2% Jewish and 0.0001% anti-racist Pakistani-Hindu Republican.

Source Article from https://dailystormer.name/a-vomit-inducing-spectacle-world-reacts-with-shock-and-fear-to-kylie-jenners-new-ape-baby/

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