Absolute Final Proof the Ottawa Shooting is a Hoax – CPR Faked

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Absolute Final Proof the Ottawa Shooting is a Hoax – CPR Faked

Is creating a phobia of Islaam so crucial for the arch-Zionist controlled  Canadian government? Or, is the hoax of the Ottawa shooting just so important for preventing revelation of its wretched corruption and crimes? Let the whole world know. Ottawa faked this shooting to gain public support, even sympathy, for its treacherous plots.

All the events, the shooting of the soldier, the killing of the shooter, the heroism, and more – including the funeral; all of it is fake.

Most importantly, the shooting is an arch-phony. Here is crisis actor and arch-Zionist mole Nathan Cirillo. He was purportedly shot on both sides. See any blood anywhere?

It’s obviously the most fake hoax there could ever be. Once again, Canadians should get out of the hoax business. The didn’t even put any fake blood on the fraudster crisis actor’s sides. What a terminally wretched fraud it is, purely inane.


The CPR fraudsters aren’t even doing CPR. The man’s chest isn’t pumping. It is not correct to do both chest compressions and mouth CPR simultaneously. It’s staged, and the video proves it.

Source Article from http://nodisinfo.com/absolute-final-proof-ottawa-shooting-hoax/

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