Achieving Societal Death Through Woke Activism

By Phillipe Armstrong

The 2010’s will be remembered for Brexit. The people this time beat the globalist elites who want to eradicate nation states, borders,  flood nations with illegals and want unelected UN and EU officials dictating to everyone. 

Brexit may be done but we still must deal with progressives and social justice warriors. They are often referred to as the woke. Woke is the trendy new religion and has totally perverted the West at large. The insane culture of woke is getting crazier by the day. The Daily Mirror not long back had a feature saying TRANSGENDER MAN GIVES BIRTH TO NON-BINARY PARTNER’S BABY WITH A FEMALE SPERM DONOR. You read right and you do not need your vision checked by a specialist. Well, in today’s woke culture if you disagree with that wokeness, you are a bigot on the wrong side of history. 

The woke brigade are busy deconstructing the foundations and structures of society. The education system has been turned on its head. Activist teachers are the norm-genderqueer theories,  climate change, feminism, toxic masculinity and praising of the United Nations is standard fare. An army of equality, diversity and inclusiveness offices are employed in the United Kingdom to make sure people comply. Hate crimes and hate speech are now based on subjective harms like mild insults or ridicule. A minor insult will do or simply misgendering and suddenly you are guilty of a hate crime. 
Parental rights-forget it. The state and the progressive cabel of planners are now the rulers. The young shall learn all about the details and wonders of sodomy, queer theory, feminism and lots more and if you object, you are a total bigot. It is all equality you see. 

An eight year old children who is transgender is labelled as a  champion of self-expression. An 8 year old is not expressing his or her desires. It is expressing his parents abuse. Pre-puberscent children throughout the west are performing in front of gay men. A sane society would arrest these parents and have them charged with sexual abuse. The only reason child protection laws are not applied for mutilating the youth and having them parade in front of deviants  is ideology and politics. They have the celebrities, institutions, courts and the government on their side. That is how the left keep up their victories. They silence dissenters. If a mother decided after seeing her son wear a dress a few times to cut off his penis, the child should be removed. The gender benders will immediately announce a trans child to virtue signal and show how woke they are. Congratulations! Another child sacrificed.

If they are not sacrificed in the womb, they will be later on by the LGBT brigade. Then when they are a bit older with Marxism,  just to be fully sure. The homosexual and transgender cult need to propagate itself through sustained and accelerated recruitment drives. It preys upon children. The trans, just like the homosexuals are very offended at the idea that they have a disorder. Children are being sexualised for the pleasures of adults. The parents should be publicity shamed. But the West applauds them, cheers them on and calls them progressive. Some people talk of the slippery slope. Open your eyes! We are no longer at the slippery slope, but the helter skelter to the pit. Children are being shoved into the arms of predators. 

The transexuals, who are severely mentally ill psychopaths are trying to infect the world with their sickness. It is all about trying to create a permissive society and the LGBT have a huge sense of entitlement to your children. The homosexuals always wanted their hands on the children for the grooming of future abuse. Sexual norms will continue to be turned upside down. No society has ever done it before. No society has ever said live out your sexual drive any way you like. No strong society in history ever had such an ideology. The traditional family is being  eroded more and more.  The family is to civilization what oxygen is to humanity’s survival. 

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