Afghan drug trade hits $70 billion

Afghanistan’s Deputy Counter-Narcotics Minister Ibrahim Azhar announced the news, noting that almost all of the drug trade money goes to international opium cartels.

Afghan farmers and low level drug dealer do not receive more than a meager five percent of the total drug income in Afghanistan.

Azhar expressed concern that that the huge income hinders the fight against drug production and trafficking in the country.

The Afghan government and international community embarked on a costly campaign to stem opium cultivation and smuggle in Afghanistan after the invasion of the country by US-led foreign militaries.

But little improvement has been achieved given the growing demands across the globe, especially in Europe, where in parts using drugs is legally authorized.

What makes the battle even more difficult to fight is the alleged involvement of high level government officials in the lucrative business, while critics also believe that Kabul is not capable of identifying and arresting drug smugglers.

Meanwhile, it is said that US-run airports in Afghanistan operate flights carrying Afghan-produced narcotics on a daily basis.

Reports show a 61 percent jump in opium production and a seven percent rise in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan — while announcements made by the counter-narcotics ministry suggest the contrary.

Afghan officials are concerned that the cultivation and production of narcotics could seriously tarnish the country’s international image and further complicate the battle against Afghan militants, who benefit from the drug trade.

Many reports on Afghanistan’s drug business show a direct link between the rise in the production of narcotics and growing insecurity in the country.

Official statistics also indicate the largest amounts of narcotics are produced in the five provinces of Badghis, Farah, Helmand, Kandahar, and Uruzgan, which are stricken by unrelenting violence.

Azhar warned of a social catastrophe if necessary steps were not taken to resolve the issue.


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    The Jewish Opium Farms of Afghanistan doing well.

  2. reynolds says:

    At one job I worked at, word got out that I criticized the Jew. I survived the ordeal. But out of the blue, a pretty good and understanding manager mentioned something he worked into the conversation. He said he was raised on a grain farm, and the Jews would come around and collect the poppy plants growing wild.

  3. gentile hate says:

    Growing wild MY ASS.

    Guarantee you the jews planted them like that.

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