Africanized America: Black Houston Mayor Asks Criminals to “Chill” Until Coronavirus Is Over

ACCORDING TO Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, speaking at a news conference on Sunday, the way to deal with the spread of COVID19 is to politely ask criminals to wait until the virus crisis is over to resume their criminal activities.

Earlier in the press briefing, Mayor Turner stated that 53 new coronavirus cases had been confirmed in Houston, bringing the city’s total cases to 937. So far, records indicate nine people have died from the illness in Houston, and 57 have recovered.

Houston Mayor Turner

Eleven police officers and firemen have contracted the virus, according to Houston Police Department. As of Sunday, Texas officially has 2,552 total confirmed coronavirus cases and 34 deaths.

The mayor spoke at the briefing, saying: “Until the Coronavirus is resolved, criminals, take a break… Criminals, stay home. And don’t commit any crimes…. And that way, they’ll stay safe and outta jail. And police officers can stay safe and can go home to their families. Okay? So everybody chill. Crooks, criminals — you chill. Wait till the Coronavirus is over. Okay? And then we’ll all be okay.”

This 2016 swearing-in ceremony took place, not in Rwanda or the Congo, but in Houston, Texas.

This is how far we have fallen. This is what “leadership” looks like when you have devolved to an Africanized, 80-IQ society.

Now is the time for Whites to organize and join the National Alliance.

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Source: National Vanguard correspondents

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