After Canceling Concert in Israel, Shakira Back in Semitic Spotlight for Selling Black Sun Necklaces

Back in May, hip-shaking musician Shakira cancelled her scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, Israel after receiving a number of appeals from The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). They organization said:

(PACBI) welcomes the announcement that Shakira will not be performing in Tel Aviv anytime soon, dashing Israel’s hopes to use her name to art-wash its latest massacre in Gaza… Hundreds of Palestinian municipalities and cultural organisations, as well as thousands of fans and boycott activists, from Gaza and Lebanon to Colombia and the US, appealed to Shakira to cancel.”

If this was not enough to cause endless kvetching about Shakira’s anti-semitism, she recently was back in hot water with the jewish media for selling “Nazi” paraphernalia in her El Dorado tour store.

Interestlingly, the El Dorado world tour started in Germany on June 3rd.

The symbol is pretty much an exact copy of the Black Sun, which has an interesting history before the Third Reich, but its modern usage really began because it was featured in the floor of Wewelsburg Castle while it was being transformed by the SS.

Since the fall of the Third Reich, the Black Sun became one of the symbols embraced in Esoteric Hitlerism, White Nationalism, Heathenry, and other groups who resist the jewish domination of our world. It has been featured on Renegade sites and merchandise over the years, and has long been an important topic of conversation. It even showed up in a massive crop circle back in 2015.

The symbol has been seen all over the mainstream media, especially as it has been featured on the shields of White protesters at events like Charlottesville.

The ADL has it listed as a hate symbol. So how could this symbol end up on a Shakira necklace? Did no one recognize it?

Live Nation is the promoter of the tour, and offered this statement after receiving complaints:

The necklace Live Nation designed for Shakira’s ‘El Dorado World Tour’ was based on pre-Colombian imagery,” the US company said on its Twitter account.

However, some fans have expressed concern that the design bears an unintentional resemblance to neo-Nazi imagery. We sincerely apologize for this inadvertent similarity and have permanently pulled the item from the tour collection.

I am not buying their story. Perhaps one of the tour promoters is a fan of Miguel Serrano’s work. Maybe even Shakira herself? LOL!

I just wish they kept the necklace up for sale, as I would have bought one.

It’s just a sign of the times.

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