Al-Nujaba to strike at US: report

MNA – According to the Zionist Jerusalem Post paper, more serious threats made by leaders of al-Nujaba in this week shows that they are to strike American forces.

The Zionist Paper, Jerusalem Post, through a report by Seth J. Frantzman, dealt with the threats made by al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance for taking imminent revenge on American forces, reported al-Nujaba’s Centre for Communications and Media Affairs in Iran.

The report titled “Iraqi al-Nujaba militia: Countdown to attacks on US forces has begun”, reads, “Iraq’s Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, through a message tweeted by its spokesman, threatened American forces in Ayn al-Assad and other bases as “We are closer than you think.”

As written by Jerusalem Post, the tweet includes a photo of a US armoured vehicle being closely followed at night.

“The leader of Nujaba, Akram al-Kaabi, has said the countdown to achieve Iraq’s “sovereignty” has begun. He also showed an image of US Reaper and Predator drone flight paths”, the Zionist paper reiterated.

Introducing al-Nujaba, the Israeli newspaper further noted, “They call the Americans “occupation forces,” and say Iraq must not be interfered with by outside powers. They say the

“empire of resistance,” which means Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis and PMU in Iraq, may strike at the US.”

Mentioning that what al-Nujaba leaders say is similar to the statements made by the commanders of the IRGC and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Frantzman continued, “The calls by al-Nujaba have increased in the last week. They speak of the “blood of the martyrs at Baghdad airport,” a reference to where [Martyr Lieutenant-general] Soleimani was assassinated. The increase in rhetoric clearly shows they want to strike at the US.”

The Zionist paper, stressing the close links between al-Nujaba and Iran, noted, “The US sanctioned al-Nujaba in March of last year, part of a series of sanctions against Iran’s IRGC and pro-Iranian militias in Iraq. He (leader of the Movement) is already on the Pentagon’s radar as a threat and part of the web of pro-Iranian dangers to US forces in Iraq. The US has singled him out as a key to Iran’s role in Iraq.”

Finally, Seth J. Frantzman predicted, “As indicated by its own statements and history, al-Nujaba appears to be coordinating closely with Iran on its next moves against the US.”

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