Alan Dershowitz Says 16 Is Too Old for Age of Consent Laws – “Statutory Rape is an Outdated Concept”

jewish supremacist Alan Dershowitz is currently in the spotlight for being accused of raping underage White girls who were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s operation. Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome both accuse Dershowitz of raping them when they were teenage girls.

He was Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, and after his client was convicted and given his “sweetheart deal”, Dershowitz remarked that Epstein’s crimes were no worse than “stealing a bagel.” In fact, it seems that Dershowitz actually believes that having sex with young girls should be perfectly legal. In 1997 Dershowitz penned a disgusting opinion piece titled “Statutory Rape Is an Outdated Concept,” in which he argued that 16 is far too high for age of consent, and that 14 sounds reasonable. I am not taking anything out of context. You can read his jewish justifications for yourself.

It’s almost as if he was trying to legalize what he, Jeffrey, Ghislaine, Les Wexner, and their jewish supremacist buddies have been doing all along.

This raises a fundamental question about the continuing legitimacy of statutory rape laws at a time when sex involving teenagers is so rampant and prosecution for statutory rape so selective. It is obvious that there must be criminal sanctions against sex with very young children, but it is doubtful whether such sanctions should apply to teenagers above the age of puberty, since voluntary sex is so common in their age group.”

Last year Dershowitz decided to defend the position he put forth back in 1997, standing by his words.

Epstein is a powerful man who has been able to get away with heinous crimes because of his jewish privilege. Anyone who even accuses him of wrongdoing is an anti-semite.

He believes that jews should not deny their power and definitely not apologize for having it, as they have earned it.

If you point out the connections between Epstein and the Mossad, you’re just paranoid.

Dershowitz also says that the government has every right to shut down your business, force you to wear a mask, and plunge a vaccine into your arm against your will.

Alan Dershowitz is truly a terrible person.

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