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Alexa, What Is A Chemtrail?

Alexa, What Is A Chemtrail?

The Amazon Alexa device caused many eyebrows to rise recently when people found out that the smart device had given a curious response when it was asked to define what chemtrails are.

This led to Amazon quickly silencing the talking device, as it appears they overwrote it.

Alexa Seemingly Agreed With Conspiracy Theorists about Chemtrails

Many videos have appeared on the internet over the last few days showing the response that was given when the Alexa device was asked what a chemtrail is. The device gave an answer that many found incredible and which seemed to suggest that Amazon endorsed the conspiracy theory of chemtrails.

The Amazon Alexa said that trails were left by an aircraft that sprayed biological or chemical agents deliberately at high altitudes for reasons that were not disclosed to the public in clandestine programs that were directed by government officials.

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