Aloysius Fozdyke- Fires Advance Chinese Plan for Australia


January 17, 2020



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2 Responses to “Aloysius Fozdyke- Fires Advance Chinese Plan for Australia”

  1. Jenny T says: A timeline is given on the first page.

    Section 42 of ‘the constitution’ states:
    “Every senator and every member of the House of Representatives shall before taking his seat make and subscribe before the Governor-General, or some person authorised by him, an oath or affirmation of allegiance in the form set forth in the schedule to this Constitution.”

    Please note the word, “shall”! There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’, ‘maybes’ or ‘shoulds’ – it’s “shall” and the Chinese government has accessed various swearing in ceremonies of the federal governments in Australia, as these are available on YouTube. I sincerely hope that I do not need to say anymore with regard to the prescribed oath and the evidence available at YouTube.

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