Amerika Now Under Rothschild Communist Dictatorship; They Do What They Want & You Have to Put Up With It.

By infostormer -January 19, 20212

The Republican Party has proven in spades that they are totally useless. Take in point this tweet from Kelli Ward who is the current head of the Arizona Republican Party.

Yeah, we’re really sorry about the 2020 election, but don’t worry guys, we’ll fix things for 2022. Even though the country is on the brink of being taken over by an illegitimate communist regime, we’ll make sure the 2022 election is totally fair. Sure, what bullshit this is.

Here’s a news flash lady, there’s no reason to believe any of these elections will be fair ever again considering what the Republicans allowed to happen in 2020. The Democrats were able to get away with historic levels of vote fraud with no consequence. While the President was protesting all the election fraud, the Republican Party did almost nothing while trying to convince people to support two useless Georgia senate candidates. This just shows that the entire system is corrupted and will be even more corrupt in 2022.

The only path forward is to boycott these hoax elections and support local efforts for secession. At least with secession referendums in red states, there is a chance that the vote won’t be tainted and the voice of the people heard. These federal elections that are held every two years should be ignored from this point forward. But who knows, they might not even have elections in two years. They may just openly declare a communist dictatorship assuming the Harris-Biden regime takes over tomorrow.

Comment: Tulsi Gabbard is almost the last real States Person who cares about her constitutents 100%. All I see that is left is Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

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