Anne Frank Diary fairytale

Anne Frank Diary fairytale

Anne Frank — the Jewish Girl That DIDN’T Write the Famous Auschwitz Diary

Excerpt: “…Beyond this, the exposure of the Anne Frank forgery is important because of the sheer magnitude of the fraud and the key role it has played in underpinning the entire Jewish scenario of the war.

What is known as a fact is that one Otto Frank, a Jewish merchant, formerly of Frankfurt, who had been arrested in the Netherlands and interned in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the war, began visiting publishers in 1946 with what he claimed was a diary written by his young daughter during the time the Frank family was hiding from the German police in occupied Holland.

The girl later perished at Auschwitz, Frank said.

The diary, filled with touching adolescent reveries and homely little anecdotes, was exactly what the Jewish “Holocaust” propagandists were looking for: a highly effective piece of ammunition to generate a maudlin, emotion-laden sympathy for the poor, persecuted Jews — as typified by Anne Frank — and generate hatred against the wicked Germans, who had killed her and six million other Jews.

Otto Frank cashed in on the diary in a big way. Not only did he find a publisher, but he found people hot to buy stage and film rights as well. Shortly after its appearance in book form, the diary had been translated into a score of languages and printed in millions of copies, from all of which Frank received royalties.

The English version alone, under the title Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, has sold more than 4,000,000 copies to date. A television dramatization based on the diary was aired in this country last month, accompanied by the usual ballyhoo.

Almost from the beginning there were charges that the diary was a hoax. Some of these charges were based on the gross inconsistencies between various translations and editions of the diary in book form; it was clear that the text had been heavily edited to help it sell well in different markets.

Other charges were based on internal inconsistencies and credulity-straining elements in the diary itself.

And then there was the matter of the script for the film version of the diary: Otto Frank was sued by a New York scriptwriter, Meyer Levin, who claimed that Frank had taken large portions of a script he, Levin, had written and had not paid Levin for his work.

The court ordered Frank to pay Levin $50,000. One can easily understand why some observers began to wonder how much, if any, of the content of the various Anne Frank books, films, and plays in circulation was actually written by a little Jewish girl named Anne Frank…”

Full article:…/anne-frank-jewish-girl-that-didn…
And here:

JAN 24, 2016 / ANNE FRANK DIARY FRAUD FINALLY ADMITTED (only because there’s more $’s to be milked from it.)

Finally, the long time fraud of Anne Frank’s diary was publicly admitted by the Anne Frank
Foundation. Anne Frank’s diary was co-authored by her father and thus the credibility of the diary ultimately comes to an end.


The Basel, Switzerland, Anne Frank Fonds (Anne Frank Fund), which controls the copyright to the Diary of Anne Frank, has admitted that the book was in fact at least co-authored by Otto Frank, Anne’s father, after the war.

The admission proves that the book, which is still heavily promoted as a “holocaust memoir”, is in fact largely a postwar fabrication which contained parts of the young Anne’s diary with extensive additions added by her father. This is obvious from even a cursory look at the actual diary. See, for example, the image below of two pages from the diary, which shows both Anne’s real youthful handwriting and her father’s obviously adult handwriting, although he signs his entries as “Anne Frank.”

Normal copyright on books extends only 70 years after the author’s death. As Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen Belsen in February 1945, the book theoretically entered the public domain in February 2015. But, as the New York Times went on to say, the Anne Frank Fonds has now decided to try to extend copyright on the book past the 70 year cut-off period by admitting that Otto Frank, who died in 1980, was indeed a “co-author” after all…”

2016 / Jewish ‘Auschwitz Survivor’ Admits He Lied About Everything – Joseph Hirt said he fabricated story of being sent to camp and meeting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to ‘keep memories alive’ about history of the Holocaust:

89 Year Old Grandmother Imprisoned For Holocaust Denial:

Mar 10, 2018 / Don Lemon: The Term ‘Globalist’ Is Racist, Anti-Semitic:…/don_lemon_the_term_glob…

Former Israeli Minister Admits “Holocaust” and “Antisemitic” Label are “Tricks”:

Ex-mossad agent explains the “anti-semite” trick:

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    Another close comparison of Anne Frank’s writing and her father’s writing. Otto Frank became quite wealthy from the books sales.

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