Are Jewish Slumlords & ‘Ghetto Profiteers’ Causing Orthodox Jews To Be Attacked In Brooklyn?


A recent article in the Jerusalem Post analyzes the recent ‘uptick’ in so-called ‘antisemitic’ attacks against ‘identifiably jewish’ individuals in some of the Blackest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and despite the strict jewish policy that Jews themselves are never responsible for any ‘antisemitism’ directed toward them, the cause of these attacks may not be as “complicated” as they’d like us to believe:

Days after a series of attacks against Jews across Brooklyn, the Anti-Defamation League announced that it would double funding for a school program combating hate.

But city officials say more than education is needed to stop the rash of attacks, which have spiked across this city in 2019. That’s because the problem is hard to diagnose….

On Friday night, surveillance video captured a man throwing a brick through the window of a Hasidic girls’ school in Crown Heights. On the same night in the Borough Park neighborhood, at least three identifiably Orthodox men were punched by assailants. Also in Borough Park, multiple Orthodox Jews in Borough Park had eggs thrown at them over the weekend.

On Friday, a 16-year-old boy turned himself in to police and was arrested in connection with at least three attacks on Jews. He was charged with two counts of aggravated harassment.

…At the news conference, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said the recent attacks were mostly committed by teenagers who may not understand the gravity of, for example, egging a Hasidic family or drawing a swastika on a building.

To stop hate, we cannot just arrest our way out of the problem, we have got to change hearts and minds,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said at the news conference. “It is so important to focus on children so we can inoculate the next generation from intolerance, so we can immunize them against anti-Semitism and all forms of hate.”

…“You have Louis Farrakhan, you have anti-Semitic rhetoric on the internet,” Bernstein told JTA. “They’re getting this information from somewhere. They’re getting this information from their parents, or they’re getting it from social media and from other platforms.”

…Pastor Gil Monrose, who leads a church in Crown Heights and serves as the borough president’s director of faith-based and clergy initiatives, pointed to gentrification as a driver of increased attacks on Jews. As rising housing prices draw in newcomers and push out some longtime residents, locals may become frustrated and seek a scapegoat. Monrose also noted that overall crime levels are high in Crown Heights.

We’re living in a community with Jewish individuals, African-Americans, Caribbean individuals, you will find there is an uptick because they don’t understand the culture of the other,” Monrose told JTA. “It’s because all of us live together and seeing, well, they are the other way from us, they live differently, let’s try to do something to them. It’s going up because everyone is living on top of each other.”

Bernstein noted that some landlords in the borough are Orthodox, including some on lists of the worst landlords in New York City, which can breed anti-Semitic stereotypes.

So there you have it in black and white: the most notorious slumlords in these Black neighborhoods are often Jews who use these ill-maintained apartment buildings as their personal cash cows, generating millions of dollars each year in government-guaranteed low-income housing for Blacks, without any accountability.

This problem of jewish slumlords in the Black ghettos has a long history in America, and it was a problem that even Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed, and the result was that on November 12, 1967, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations called on “American Jewry ‘not to use Negro anti-Semitism ‘as a cop-out from the civil rights movement.’ A five-point program promoting racial equality and justice includes exertion of moral pressure by rabbis and congregants against Jewish “slumlords and ghetto profiteers…

In other words, the Jews have known for a long time why Blacks in America not only resent them, but also occasionally attack them physically.  They all know that violence can erupt in Crown Heights again at the slightest of provocations.

No, these jewish slumlords don’t just “breed antisemitic stereotypes,” they clearly endanger the lives of any Jews who live and work in their crime-ridden ghettos.  Jews never like looking in the mirror for answers, but maybe it’s time to start.

And the ADL’s plan of forcing Black school kids to sit through more documentaries on Auschwitz isn’t going to improve anything for anyone in Brooklyn.

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