Artificial heart pump brings new life to patients with heart failure

For people who have heart failure, transplantable hearts are rare to find. But now, more and more patients are living a new life thanks to the transplantation of artificial heart pumps.

He Xin,29, has heart failure and always feels weak, and breathless, which confined him to bed. Two months ago, He had an operation and installed with an artificial heart pump.

“In the past, I felt breathless if I walked 20 to 30 meters. But now I can walk 800 to 1,000 meters. I was unable to go upstairs without help, but now I can walk by myself,” said He.

Hu Shengshou, director of Fuwai Hospital, who did the surgery for him said the artificial heart pump with magnetic suspension inside He is developed independently by China.

The Chinese-made artificial heart pump with magnetic suspension is only 26-millimeter-thick with a diameter of 50 millimeters, weighing less than 180 grams.

So far, the artificial heart pumps have been successfully installed in seven people.

(Source: Reuters via CCTV) 

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