Aryan Movie ‘Bloodsport’ About Anti-Semitic White Warrior Seeking Übermensch Glory

Bloodsport – Jean-Claude Van Damme Training

Bloodthirsty sadistic Jews persecuted and viciously Kosher-slaughtered the freedom fighter Shingo Tanaka, transforming him into an immortal martyr. Frank Dux will make the vile Hebrew mafia pay in blood. Rivers of filthy Yid blood.

Honorary East-Aryan Shingo Tanaka, a Japanese National Socialist, was brutally tortured and murdered by a global Jewish crime syndicate. His loyal friend, the Belgian military veteran and Jew-hater Frank Dux (played by Jean Claude Van Damme), seeks elite martial arts training in order to seek vengeance and moral European justice. He wants to use traditional hand-to-hand combat in order to inflict maximum pain and suffering upon the evil that is Zion. In the end, our honorable struggle and sacrifice will result in the establishment of a glorious World Order where Jews only exist in the history books.

Belgian National Socialist Jean Claude Van Damme attending a Pro-Palestinian manifestation getting ready to burn the Israeli flag and shout slogans about Jews being descendants of apes and pigs who will be annihilated on judgement day and burn in eternal hellfire.

Bloodsport (5/9) Movie CLIP – The Touch of Death (1988) HD

The muscles from Brussels JCVD infiltrated the terrorist Jewish state and sent a message to disgusting Hebrew monsters. Panic-stricken Kikes quickly mobilized a campaign to arrest the Belgian fighter before he could destroy Zion from the inside.

Bloodsport 1988 – Best Scene – The Last Fight HD 1080

In order to annihilate the eternal enemy, one must first study the villainous hooknosed fiend. The fanatic Belgian Fascist JCVD kidnapped a heinous baby-penis sucking rabbi and forced him to show the most sensitive high-level Jewish targets. The rodent-looking Talmudic scholar was later found castrated in a ditch.

Frank Dux (Jean Claude Van Damme) getting blinded by Chong Li in ‘Bloodsport.’

Pure Aryan ragegasm! JCVD is ready to slit the throat of ZOG without mercy.
After doing thorough research, the Aryan assassin JCVD went undercover and began his offensive, leaving a trail of maimed and disabled Yid vermin in his epic march of ruthless European heroism and bravery. Many Cohens were eliminated on the glorious path towards justice and freedom.
Violent uncontrollable White anger and righteous National Socialist bloodlust. The evil Jewish race will not receive any mercy or quarter in this brutal war of existence or extinction.

Hail the White Warrior!

Hail Victory!

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