As Their Black Golems Turn On Them, Jews Now Insist That Calling Them ‘White’ Is A ‘Racial Slur’

Now that Jews have gained the full benefits and privileges from passing as ‘White’ people and ‘integrating’ into White America, — while at the same time fomenting racial tension between White people and Blacks — they are now distancing themselves from any claims that they are ‘White’, an identity that they know very well has now become a liability for Jews in America:

Are Jews white? No, said the [Jewish] editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner during a Wednesday appearance on i24 News, and the false claim that they are is a “slur” that must be refuted.

“In the language of wokeness,” Dovid Efune told “Global Eye” host Natasha Kirtchuk, “‘whiteness’ isn’t just a description of the lowest rung on the ladder of victimhood — it’s a pejorative, it’s an accusation. It refers to an oppressor, a ruling class…an occupier or a colonialist.”

Efune recalled that his own great-grandfather, who perished in the Holocaust, was considered by the Nazis to be of an inferior race.

“So it really is the height of irony and insult that when Jews express concern about antisemitism being ignored and a blindness to antisemitism, they’re then lumped into the white category,” he noted.

As usual, what this Jewish apologist intentionally omits is that his own ‘holy’ book, The Talmud, promotes Jewish supremacist canards such as that all non-Jews are sub-human — but let’s not let that little fact get in the way of his unmitigated hypocrisy.

It was Marxist-Zionist Jews like Israel Zangwill who created the false narrative that America was always a “racial melting pot” — but if that were indeed the case, the Founding Fathers would have wanted nothing to do with it.

The Bible-literate Founding Fathers knew that God hates Esau-Edom, the race mixer:

Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. (Leviticus 18:23)

Race mixing creates instability and confusion — race mixed people are much easier for the Jews to manipulate and dominate with their false promises of a utopian “post-racial” world where White people are a thing of the sordid past.

Any White person who resists the Jewish melting pot — who wants to preserve their bloodline from the proverbial ‘tar brush’ — is smeared as a Nazi who wants to kill 6 million Jews.

The racial purity at the core of the White race is a source of great anxiety for the Jews — because that core is what stands between them and their Talmudic  dreams of world domination — which is why they heavily promote degenerate race mixing in all their media outlets.

That racial purity is a tell-tale sign — a fingerprint — of the Israelite identity of the White race which must be hidden and ultimately destroyed.

And now that Jews have successfully turned “people of color” against the White race — the source of all evil in the world — Jews want that incited machete-wielding world of color — their proxy foot soldiers — to know that they aren’t really White — those other White people are:

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