Ashura has played significant role in Resistance Front’s victories

Speaking during Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Hassan Abutorabifard said that the Ashura school of thought has helped the Islamic Republic to flourish over the past forty years since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

He was making the remarks a few days after the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (PBUH) in the battle of Karbala on Ashura Day.

“Had it not been for Ashura school of thought, the Islamic Revolution would not have taken place, and we would not have successfully passed the difficult time of Sacred Defense (during Iran-Iraq war). Had it not been for the Ashura school of thought, today’s victorious Syria, strong Iraq, resistant Lebanon, standing and patient Bahrain and glorious and proud Yemen would not have been so,” he stressed.

Elsewhere, he blamed the Great Satan (the United States) for the catastrophic situation in Yemen, calling the Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman as a puppet in the hands of the Americans.

The senior cleric further noted that the Resistance Front led by Iran is standing against plots designed by the hegemonic powers for the region in line with the teachings of Ashura.

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