BBC Teaches Schoolchildren: There Are ‘over 100’ Genders

BBC tells schoolchildren there are over 100 genders

The publicly funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is now teaching primary schoolchildren that there are over 100 genders.

As part of its “Teach” video series, the BBC instructs schoolchildren aged 9-12 that “there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.” reports: Telegraph columnist Celia Walden has written a scathing review of the program, which she calls “noxious nonsense” that poisons children’s minds, a product of the modern “Emperor’s New Clothes gender diversity narrative.”

BBC is indulging in the “propagation of misinformation,” Ms. Walden writes, thereby betraying its journalistic duty “to deal not in fads, but facts.”

By “willfully warping their minds,” she continues, BBC is contributing to making the new generation of children “as self-obsessed as the supposed grown-ups.”

Self-expression no longer means “appreciating individuality and producing something of wider cultural value,” Walden laments, but “folding in on yourself and behaving in an unashamedly selfish way.”

“All of which is likely to leave us with a generation of lost, confused and angry young adults asking a question we will find it very difficult to answer: ‘How did you let this happen?’” she writes.

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