Biden is Out of the Game and Everyone is Talking About Bloomberg

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2020

Joe Biden apparently does have the same disposition as JL Picard, in that he enjoys shuffling around while pushing 80 and being humiliated everywhere. If he didn’t enjoy that, he’d have dropped out by now.

But his anthem is “wild, wild dog-faced ponies couldn’t drag me away.”

“Oi, mate, look, listen eyah mate. I idint eren like the cunt the ferst toime I sees im. Then this absolute legend dances up on stage in those sunglasses, mate. Those glasses. I said hoo tha feck is that cunt, cuz he’s cool as a glacier. Mate, we are talking stone cold. I says: git this cat in the bloody band! And they says ‘there’s free of em, which one ya want?’ and I says ‘brilliant, mate, give me all free!” -Mick Jagger on why he invited three Bidens to join The Rolling Stones in 1971

The common wisdom is that all of Biden’s support would drop in Bloomberg’s lap if Biden dropped out. I don’t know if FiveThirtyEight is saying that so dumbly. I don’t read FiveThirtyEight. But I’m sure they have some variation of it.

However, that is far from clear. I think it’s very likely that much or most of Biden’s support is from people who vaguely view him as a time machine back to the days of Obama. That is, I think a lot of them support him primarily because they know who he is. This whole mess of the last four years has been a nightmare for everyone involved, and they just want it to go away.

That answer makes a lot more sense to me than that these people are ideological moderates. If they were actually ideological moderates, they would support Anal Pete, as he is a much more coherent embodiment of the moderate ideal and doesn’t look like he’s about to keel over (might bend over, maybe – if he likes you). Anyone who actually understands politics, or knows what the establishment is and wants to support it is going to have been supporting Buttigieg from the start.

The basic psyche of the primitive human, or the proletariat as he is known in a democracy, is comforted by familiarity in a time of chaos. They are stupid and confused, like lost dogs, looking around for something they recognize that can get them home to the safety of the garage.

“As soon as he walked into the office, I spit my burrito halfway across the room and started choking. When I cleared my throat, and he was standing there in those aviators, I said ‘there he is – that’s the man. That is the face of freedom.’ He looked me straight in the eye with those aviators and said ‘can you dig it?’ I told him ‘I could dig two more of you!’ and he snapped his fingers and two more came in. I said that’s it, that’s the cast, let’s roll.” -Dennis Hopper on why he cast three Bidens in Easy Rider in 1969

So if we accept that some large portion of those answering “Biden” in polls are doing so because of this drive for familiarity, who is the next most familiar and safe seeming candidate in the race?

It’s not Jew Bloomberg.

It’s Bernie Sanders.

Bernie was on the TV for an entire election cycle in 2016. He endorsed Hillary Clinton and went up on stage with her. The fact that he is somehow more radical than the rest of the people who are saying “open borders and free health care for illegal immigrants” doesn’t register for them. And in fact, none of his positions are more radical than any other candidates (in fact, they are probably less radical, when it comes to things like encouraging black race riots and doing double anal at the kindergarten), except for on economic issues. And it’s really hard for the media to explain to the proles “he’s bad because he’ll take money from ultra rich people and multinational corporations and give it to you.”

“Me see sad times to China people, always can feeling sad. Me no like always feel sad, me think happy happy time can joyful families love happy.” -Chairman Mao on why he hired 35,000 Bidens as professional mourners at his funeral

I think the Democrats are basically stuck.

People vaguely know who Bloomberg is, but they don’t have any familiarity with him unless they live on the East Coast. Furthermore, the blacks do have familiarity with him, because they follow all of the stuff with cops, and they know he went cop crazy when he was Mayor of New York.

And in general, people do not like ultra-rich Jews. Even if they’re not aware of the fact that they’re Jewish.

I still think Bernie has more or less a 100% chance of getting the nomination, and that any attempt to rig it would have to be really hardcore. Based on how Bernie reacted when they rigged it last time, he won’t likely do anything.

Which is kind of a problem.

“I thought it was best. To allow them. To speak… their mind.” -Bernie Sanders on why he gave up the mic to a gang of Bidens that rushed his stage in 2016

But when you get to the point where it’s just so obvious and everyone knows it, and the media is telling you that anyone who doubts the validity of elections is a Russian agent, in league with the Russians who are hacking our elections, it might not even matter if Bernie goes along with the scam because he’s too timid to complain.

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