Bill Gates Admits Inequality is Genetic, Warns Gene Editing Could Make Everything MORE Unequal

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

After his weird poop-jar affair, Bill appears to have grown out of his concern about stool consistency and is now concerned about gene editing.


Because gene editing could increase inequality, and as we all know, diversity is a strength, therefore we should make everything equal.

Business Insider:

Gene editing is one of the most promising new approaches to treating human diseases today.

It also raises “enormous” ethical questions, Bill Gates recently warned, and “could make inequity worse, especially if it is available only for wealthy people.”

“I am surprised that these issues haven’t generated more attention from the general public,” he said in a December blog post, adding that “this might be the most important public debate we haven’t been having widely enough.”

Saying gene editing “could make inequity worse” is a tacit admission of genes making people different, which is just one little step away from screaming that races exist.

Genes making people different means that inequality is natural, not a social construct. When Bill Gates talks about equality and equity, he’s actually talking about destroying white people’s nature.

Gene editing allows scientists to make powerful, precise changes to a person’s DNA, typically to fix a defective gene.

Ethical concerns about what the approach might be used for have long existed, but it came to a boil recently when a Chinese researcher said he had played a role in creating the first genetically edited babies.

Jewish social-engineering and dysgenic brainwashing are forms of gene editing based on manipulation and manipulation is a realm where the goyim don’t really excel. Thus it is “socially acceptable.” Directly editing genes through science instead of parasitic tactics, however, is a realm where the goyim can and do excel.

This is not acceptable for them because it can be used by goys to improve the genes of the goyim.

They’re scared because they see this as the game changer that it really is.

“I agree with those who say this scientist went too far,” Gates said. “But something good can come from his work if it encourages more people to learn and talk about gene editing.”

Translation: “Shut it down! Use the incident as a new hollow-cost and make the goyim never forget about how terrible gene-editing is!

We’ll improve our genes all we want. There’s no stopping it now.

Bill Gates should stick to his poop jars.

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