Bill Gates’ latest depopulation scheme? Pollute the skies, collapse the ecosystem and starve everybody to death

Image: Bill Gates’ latest depopulation scheme? Pollute the skies, collapse the ecosystem and starve everybody to death

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Bill Gates has been hounded for years by allegations that he is a strong supporter of depopulation. Despite being praised by some as a philanthropist and humanitarian, the reality is that Gates’ actions have proved time and time again that he is actively invested in reducing the global population by whatever means necessary.

As reported by True Activist, Gates has repeatedly expressed his approval for global depopulation and has funded sterilization programs; has pushed for widespread vaccination programs which have caused great harm; and believes in the implementation of so-called “death panels,” which would allow authorities to decide whether someone is worthy of receiving taxpayer money to keep them alive, or if they should rather be “allowed” to die.

Gates’ latest scheme is perhaps his most daring – and likely most dangerous – to date. As reported by Big League Politics (BLP), Gates is funding a study by researchers from Harvard University which hopes to prove that dumping millions of tons of chalk dust into the atmosphere every day could dim the sun, thereby fighting climate change. (Related: Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women.)

Gates’ risky plan

As explained by BLP, Gates and the Harvard team got the idea for their research from a natural disaster that hit the Philippines in 1991, when Mount Pinatubo exploded:

The disaster killed over 700 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, but the fall-out caused ideas to spring about in the minds of scientists.


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A chemical cloud was left in the stratosphere following the blast, which resulted in the discharge of 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide. Sulfuric acid rained down afterward for more than a year and reflected sunlight, which resulted in the eventual development of SCoPEx [The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment].

The Gates-funded plan will essentially replicate the aftermath of the volcano blast throughout the entire Earth if the Harvard scientists are ultimately successful in their climate-manipulation plans.

The team’s plan involves using 800 massive aircraft to dump the chalk 12 miles above the surface of the Earth each day, claiming that the shade created would reflect the sun’s rays, thereby preventing global warming.

The scientists are eager to start experimenting and plan to launch their first round of chalk-bearing planes in the New Mexico desert. The initial SCoPEx experiment will cost around $3 million and will involve dumping a small quantity of calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere and measuring the results.

Not everyone is eager for the experiments to begin, however, and authorities have called a halt over fears that the research could backfire and cause natural phenomena like droughts and hurricanes. (Related: Bill Gates and George Soros fund Monsanto and a world depopulation agenda.)

Scientists are worried

Eminent scientists have expressed grave concerns about Gates’ scheme. United Nations climate policy adviser Janos Pasztor warns, “If you make use of this technology and do it badly or ungoverned, then you can have different kinds of global risks created that can have equal, if not even bigger, challenges to global society than climate change.

“Governments need to engage in this discussion and to understand these issues,” he added. “They need to understand the risks — not just the risks of doing it, but also the risks of not understanding and not knowing.”

One clear risk of blotting out the sun is interfering with the process of photosynthesis, without which plant and food crops could not survive and all human and animal life would be endangered.

But then, perhaps that is exactly what Bill Gates, depopulation believer, is hoping for?

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