Birds Falling From The Skies Like Leaves ….

“Beware, it would seem they are pulsing the skies in UTAH and when that happens a quake or other “event” is usually not too far behind.”Richie From Boston

Obviously their NATUE-AL navigation system was messed with, but reports from news outlets always play dumb.

KCCI reports:

More than 200 birds fell from the sky and onto the street in a Utah city.

“It’s one of the rarest things I’ve ever heard of,” Sgt. Chad Carpenter with the Draper City Police Department told KSTU.

“As I was driving, these birds were just falling out of the sky,” said Draper resident Lacey Brown. “They were just falling out of the sky like leaves.”

Many were bewildered to see the small birds, called starlings, hitting the pavement.

“You’ve seen that black cloud as it’s flying all over the place. Well, that’s a starling group and they call that flying tandem or murmuring,” Carpenter said.

Experts say this is a technique starlings use to stay warm during winter and to defend against birds of prey.

Pictures of the bizarre event spread like wildfire on social media, and some suspected aliens were to blame or the flock was poisoned.

“No aliens, no cloaking device,” Carpenter said, “No poison, it was just one of those freak things where the birds were just flying along, crashed into the side of a large vehicle and boom.”

Experts say something caused the lead starling to crash, and thanks to the birds’ tandem flying technique, they all followed.

Seventeen birds are still alive and were transferred to a local rehabilitation center, the hope is they will recover and be released back into the wild.



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