Blaming “Antifa” is Just a Cowardly Way to Avoid Saying “Black People”

The cuckservative line is that the riots which started in Minneapolis are organized by Antifa.

Antifa is certainly part of the riots because Antifa is always there supporting their Afro-Simian overlords in any way they can. But the genesis and impetus for the riots lies exclusively with black people.

This is just black people doing what blacks do: riot, loot, vandalize, rape, rob, kill, destroy, incinerate, burn.

This is the primordial state of the Eternal Negro. The negro wants his own state of mind, his own primitive and lethargic state of being to be reflected in the society around him. The negro feels more comfortable when his surroundings are in a state of chaotic entropy; it makes him feel at ease with himself as a backwards jungle savage.

These riots are nothing more than the Negro reestablishing the type of society that blacks have always favored: a lawless jungle.

Cuckservatives like Trump are too afraid to lay blame where it belongs for fear of offending potential negro voters. Negroes don’t vote for Trump anyway, so he hasn’t got much to lose by calling this out for what it is. Blaming a political ideology like Antifa is more politically correct than blaming the racial group responsible for all of the violence, looting, unrest and terror we’re seeing.

It appears that Trump is himself a prisoner of the mind virus of racial egalitarianism.

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