Blind Pit Tied to Bench Didn’t Know Where She Was or Reason She Was Left There

Dogs aren’t toys. If one decides to welcome a canine in their life, it means they oblige to take great care of them, and that includes not dumping them when they get sick or old. Sadly, the owners of a Pit Bull named Polly didn’t understand any of this, so they decided to dump her by tying her to a bench in the Santa Barbara park.

Luckily for her, she was soon spotted by an animal control officer who was patrolling around the area. He rushed to check on her and realized her owners weren’t around and she was abandoned. The most heartbreaking part of the whole story is that Polly was blind. Can you imagine how scared she was being left all by herself at a place she didn’t know? Poor girl.

But now she was in the safe hands of the man who found her.

Polly was probably waiting for her owners to come back for her, as she couldn’t see them walking away.

Once at the vet’s office, it was determined Polly was a breeding dog. She had given birth and then she was dumped like trash.

As no one claimed her, Polly was soon placed at a shelter. However, her time there was short as her sad life story caught the attention of an animal lover and rescuer named Jennifer Wales.

Although Polly wasn’t confident around humans, as she was abused by some of them before, Jennifer was determined to gain her trust. She thought a tasty cheeseburger could be a great start of the new friendship so she offered Polly one. Surprisingly, Polly rushed to take a bite.

Jennifer took Polly under foster care, and the poor dog could finally learn what it feels like to sleep in a comfy bed.

Before deciding what kind of home would suit this sweet creature the best, Jennifer wanted vets to run extensive tests on Polly. But when the tests came back, it was determined Polly had a heart condition.

Jennifer made sure to raise money for the procedure they believed would follow next, but doctors said how Polly’s condition was inoperable. She had been bred many times and it was the reason why her health was so poor.

Doctors also said how they didn’t know how much time the dog had.

But neither Polly nor her foster mom let that bother them. They decided to celebrate Polly’s life and made sure she was spoiled and showered with love.

As it turned out, leaving her behind was the best thing that could happen to Polly. She is finally happy, and we hope it will last for a very long time.

Take a look at the video below for the whole story.

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