Bono’s NGO: Aging Europeans Must Be Replaced With “Energetic” Young Africans

Europeans are becoming old and “senile” and we must therefore permit swarms of “energetic” young sub-saharan Africans to replace us, according to the co-founder of U2 singer Bono’s racist anti-white NGO.

That’s right, filthy white goyim, Africans are breeding like rats and Europeans are not breeding hardly at all thanks to a full century of feminist brainwashing that has taught white women that they’d be much happier working a 9-5 office job for a Jewish hedge fund than building a nice family.

And these genocidal globalist maniacs are taking full advantage of white women’s stupidity by encouraging African and Middle Eastern rape-hordes to invade and conquer us. That was said in the plainest words possible in that speech by Jamie Drummond.

They’re also taking full advantage of white women’s bizarre sex fantasies for young feral African cock.

“It’s a good thing” that millions of sub-saharan beasts are coming our way in an unrelenting stream of mass migration from the dark continent. Bono and his people will be right there to welcome the orcs.

Bono is personally organizing the negroid conquest of Europe. For some perverse reason he has made it his life’s mission to wreck an entire civilization and genocide an entire race, all to fulfill some kind of wicked wet dream that he has to get gang-banged by “energetic” young Africans.

I have no doubt that Bono and his perverted companions have an insatiable appetite for young African anus and that is the sole reason that they advocate in favour of the ape flood.

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