Book Review: Now It’s Inescapable

Bill McCausland

Book Review: Now It’s Inescapable.  Bill McCausland ISBN: 978-1-5462-3078-6  soft back  Author House

This is a fictional work about what very well are nonfiction topics in the life of Dr. Glen Cole who was known for being the best plastic surgeon around. The doctor has sunk into a morass of taking pharmaceuticals that he has gotten by pretend-prescribing for his patients, has frequent DEA visits, the hospital board is breathing down his neck, and his wife is going to leave him.  On top of all these issues, he does not have the best bedside manner.  He is addicted to opiates, his hands are not reliable for performing delicate plastic surgeries, his brain is foggy most of the time. This is a story of how drug addiction can ruin a life once meant for living. There is a clear picture of addiction and its consequences. Will he look for help?  Who will give him this help?…Carol

Bill McCausland has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is APA board certified in the treatment of alcohol and other psychoactive use disorders. He also has a master of fine arts in creative writing. Other books written by McCausland are: Successful Recovery and Relapse Prevention, In the Mouth of the Wolf, Motorcycle Escape, Ruin Quickens, It Came By Loss, Peace and Love Town, and Birding Sand Diego County: A Few Select Locates (pamphlet).

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