Boris Johnson’s Brexit to drive UK under virtual US vassalage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will fail in his promise to give back control to the UK over its policies post-Brexit. In fact, London will have fewer foreign policy alternatives to subservience to the United States.

While the UK was negotiating with Brussels over its divorce from the European Union, Johnson said the transition period before final secession would resemble that of a “vassal state” to its masters.

French President Emmanuel Macron also recently warned that Boris Johnson’s Britain could become a ‘vassal’ of Donald Trump’s America after a no-deal Brexit.

A successful Brexit deal could smooth out trade deals between the UK and the EU, with massive economic benefits being a certainty.

But Johnson is hurtling the country toward a do-or-die no-deal on October 31. And the crafty, US President Donald Trump administration, is set to become Britain’s new master.

In fact, since Johnson took over Downing Street last month, his office admitted that the new Prime Minister spoke with the US president, no less than 10 times, about Brexit and world affairs.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary and International Trade Secretary have also been to Washington to broker an early trade deal, while US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, has enthusiastically visited London to give Washington’s support behind a no-deal Brexit.

But Bolton can’t make any promises of an economic bailout for the UK. The Democrats in Congress have already vowed to stop such deals.

A hard Brexit will not only result in Britain losing out on economic benefits from continued trade with the EU, but it will toss London into a slave-master relationship with Washington.

The American president wants Johnson to leave the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, align with US policy of maximum pressure against Iran, and join a US-led military “coalition” in the Persian Gulf.

Trump also expects Johnson to follow American policies on Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, arms control, multilateralism, climate change and trade.

Moreover, the growing threat on the US dollar as the global currency will eventually reveal that Trump has even more tricks up his sleeve regarding the UK.

However, the British establishment may end up being even less useful for the United States in the run-up to Brexit, as Johnson faces a probable vote of no-confidence from his peers in Parliament – sending a sure sign to the world that the UK’s internal struggle runs deeper than we have thus far assumed.

Remo Newton, Political Commentator

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