BOYCOTT: Bolshevik Controlled Hollywood Movie Studios Implementing “Diversity Bias” Tool To Ensure American Children Indoctrinated Into The Cults of Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Extermination of Mankind

| – February 20, 2020

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Major Hollywood studios are set to use a new tool that scans movie & TV scripts and flags up any examples where “diversity” is not portrayed positively in a chilling new development that has echoes of Soviet realism.

Called ‘Spellcheck for Bias’, the tool was developed by the Davis’ Institute on Gender in Media and USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. It is set to be implemented by Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features and NBC Entertainment within the near future.

“The tool supposedly breaks down diversity in material such as scripts and advertising briefs by scanning for mentions of LGBTQ, race, and disabilities, and then identifying how positively such things are portrayed,” writes Zachary Leeman.

‘Beetlejuice’ actress Geena Davis has also partnered with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group to use the program “to police gender roles in scripts.”

Are we entering into an era where movies will not just be given age ratings, but also political correctness scores, with films that don’t hit diversity quotas being restricted from enjoying widespread theatrical release?

“Instead of broadening their horizons and opening their gates to more filmmakers and scripts, they’d rather invite in a police-state like tool that feels like a discarded bit from George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ Forced diversity is not diversity at all — we’ve seen how it works out at the box office — and an app developed by people trapped in the very same industry they are trying to fix sounds more like a swing for headlines than real change,” writes Leeman.

Running art through an Orwellian purity test before it can be allowed to be seen. Where have we seen that before?

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  1. SanityClaus says:

    Sexual preference only applies to consenting adults.
    Islam, Judaism and Christianity are three forms of poison
    used to divide and enslave people to the BRITISH EMPIRE NATO UNITED NATIONS HEROIN MAFIA. The purpose of religion is to abolish the knowledge of morality, the knowledge of geometry, the knowledge of luck and all other forms of knowledge.
    Real biological reality of gender has nothing to do with determining
    sexual preference. Real actual physical reality of gender is a physical reality and not a preference arbitrarily sanctioned (approved of not prohibited) by some “authority calling themselves a scientist but are actually not scientists because their theories have not experimentally verifiable basis just like botany and evolution.
    While botany and evolution are forms of knowledge, they are not forms of science because they are not experimentally verifiable.
    Real silver coins can be used to practice honest charity
    to cultivate luck. Fake money cannot be used to practice honest charity because it will not make you lucky. People who have no regard for luck can never take chances and must needs be cowards.

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