Brendon O’Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade


Brendon O’Connell’s response to:

re. Head Fake – Real NWO will be Imposed by the East 

It’s all a charade. How can Putin and Netanyahu be buddies 

when Putin backs Iran and thwarted Israel in Syria? 

There will be no war between Israel and Iran, Brendon says. 

Andy replies citing reports that indicate the prospect of war is real. 

Latest!  US will sanction all countries importing Iran oil i.e. Japan, China, India etc.

———- Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz

——– Pompeo – US Does Not Plan Direct Military Intervention in Iran

by Brendon O’Connell


Nice one. But one disagreement. There will be no “war” with Iran. Just a skirmish to toss Iran back across the Euphrates and an excuse for Israel to occupy Syria and half of Iraq. How this occupation takes place is up for debate – literal physical occupation by the IDF or most likely through proxies like a re-branded ISIS run by Israeli Military Intelligence and Saudi.

It is clear Russia and China will play “good guys” settling the Mid East. Calling for peace as BiBi and Rouhani “face-off”, growling at each other. BiBi can have his “imminent threat” in a well armed, highly organized Iran, just over the border with it’s Hezbollah proxies goose-stepping and Hitler saluting. Threatening to rain down 80,000 missiles on Israeli critical infrastructure. 

This is how Netanyahu and his military industrial complex (MIC) network worldwide, won the election in Israel. It is obvious the average Israeli/Palestinian/Jew/Muslim/Christian want peace. They want to go to work. To pay their mortgages. Every time there is a hope for peace…BANG! Or…BOOM! Just like Sri Lanka – Bi Bi’s kill squads at work again. “Allah Akbah” optional but preferable. 

Rafi_eitan_big.jpgIt was admitted by Rafe Eitan, left, the famous Mossad case officer that he assisted in both the setting up of Hezbollah with Syrian and Russian help. He also assisted with the setting up of Hamas.

People need to ask simple questions Henry…Ayatollah Khomeini came out of a Paris COMMUNE accompanied by a German intelligence group posing as a film documentary maker. Iran and Switzerland and Germany are SUPER CLOSE. No one talks about this. There are too many Iranian’s in Swiss banking to count. Rouhani did six years in Scotland hanging with Jack Straw – friends of Lord Levy – friends with Lord Jacob Rothschild. Then foreign minister Zarif spent twenty years in the US, hanging with John Kerry. Hello? 

The joke in Iran is “Haj” for an Iranian is a trip to Berlin. Not Mecca.

While I was in Iran, they talked openly of taking the holy sites in Saudi and Jerusalem. Hello? They were well-meaning but off the planet. All this does is force Saudi into an Egypt and Jordan type peace deal with Israel – an absolute Holy Grail for Israel. BiBi calls MBS, “Yo bro! Nice bone saw work! Hey! Iran on your borders bruv, can we help? They look pretty fierce and determined to hang you from the neck and take away your coke and French high-class hookers, you want our help?” And so the game continues. The Great Game.

Saudi has benefited from ISIS. They (and other Muslim countries) happily sent off their most determined and fierce warriors to die and starve. Better they all get exterminated in Iraq and Syria than have to be dealt with at home. They also identified ALL of their most potentially troublesome zealots if they lived and made it home. Everyone wins – at Davos and Bilderberger. Swiss bank accounts topped up. Troublesome zealots culled. Just wait for the robot armies.

We can debate the details Henry, but I think we can all agree WE are the enemy. The worlds hungry masses. Troublesome. Not bending to the scientific “program”. So, they create a Cold War 2.0. They build robot armies because…China has them. Then, when they are ready and the infrastructure is in place, they meet at Davos and Bilderberger. They clink their champagne glasses, switch on the quantum computer machine learning A.I – roll out the robots – and put us all the vast worldwide Smart Gulag Archipelago. Most will happily submit for food, water and shelter – mostly free. This is why they are doing it in Asia and the Middle East first. They will walk straight into them.

It’s up to America to say…”N-O” and roll out the United States Marine Corp. Human ones.

I love technology. But it serves me and not the other way around. We don’t have to reject it – just get control of it. 

the-bill-of-rights-story-top.jpgThere is only one country with the political document that enshrines the world view that an individual must be able to actualize their God-given potential. To be all they can be. “In the pursuit of happiness”. I mean WHERE THE HELL ELSE can you find such a statement? Unbelievable! Not the goals of a morally and ethically depraved elite in love with beautiful sets of numbers and perfect plans for the heavenly digital Jerusalem on earth.

Till then, more division – Jew against Gentile. Gay against Straight. Black against White. Male against Female. Trans against Singular sex Orientated. Emo’s against Black Metal. Communist against Religion. Fat against Skinny. And then the robots come, and we can hurl insults at each other from the hallways of our Smart Gulag 100ft2 apartment with Chinese “Dragon Fly.” Google social score drone light bulb taking notes. 

After all, tisk tisk…they set us at each other’s throats and then tut tut we can’t get along.


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First Comment from Andy (author of NWO Will be Imposed by the East)

It would be nice to think that there will be no Iran-Syria/Israel war, but the rhetoric says otherwise;

Mike Pence claims Iran is planning a ‘new Holocaust’ to destroy Israel


As for a World War, it is plain that Russia and China have been heavily militarised to give us a new staged and controlled war which is necessary for the reasons I state in my article;

Source Article from

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