Britain’s First Transgender Couple Announce Their 5-Year-Old Child Has Begun Gender Transition

Britain’s first transgender couple have revealed their 5-year-old child, who was born male, has started to transition into a girl.

Britain’s first transgender couple have revealed their 5-year-old child, who was born male, has started to transition into a girl.

Jody, 21, and Greg Rogers, 27, from Glasgow, Scotland went public in an interview with the Daily Record, announcing that their son Jayden has begun his own gender transformation.

The transgender couple also complained that they have been subject to abuse since making the announcement and that they have been reported to social services by people concerned for the welfare of their child.

The couple denied claims they encouraged their child to undergo the gender transition, with Greg Rogers telling the Daily Record, “We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex…It’s ridiculous. Jayden knows nothing about my past. She just knows me as dad.”

Greg told the Mail On Sunday: “We haven’t encouraged Jayden to do this, despite what people think, and we are hurt at the suggestion.

Greg, who has been a father to Jayden for three years since meeting Jody, said her first words since developing her speech were a plea to live as a female.

He said: “She developed speech and immediately started saying, ‘I hate wearing boys’ clothes and everything about being a boy’.

According to the transgender couple, 5-year-old Jayden is adamant he is a girl and loves dressing up as Princess Anna from the Disney film Frozen.

They say it’s cruel we let her wear a dress but is it not more cruel to do nothing when you’ve got a kid who’s so adamant she’s a girl she’s ripping her hair off and banging her head off the walls?” said Rogers.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that five people working at Britain’s only NHS transgender clinic had quit after children as young as three are being put through gender reassignment treatment.

Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three,” reported the Daily Mail.

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