British MP Stabbed to Death by Somali Muslim (Kalergi Plan is Ongoing in Britain)

By infostormer -October 16, 20213

A longtime British MP named David Amess was stabbed to death by a Somali during a public event the other day.

When I first heard this news, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was a brown or black-skinned individual that did this. The virus hysteria, lockdowns etc.. have created an unpredictable environment where you have a significant number of people who are reaching their breaking point. Many people have already gone insane or are in the process of going insane.

Take in point the guy in Norway who went crazy and killed several people with a bow and arrow.

These types of incidents are happening much more frequently than ever before and it is impossible to talk about all of them.

As a result of this, the chances of politicians being targeted for violence is definitely much higher than ever. People are acting as if this was “shocking” etc.. but there is nothing remotely “shocking” about it. The only thing “shocking” about it is that this type of thing hasn’t happened more frequently. There are certainly numerous politicians who deserve to be hanging from a rope for what they’ve done with this lockdown and vaxx nonsense.

Of course, the attacker being a brown or black-skinned individual was still the most likely possibility. To my knowledge, they haven’t even released a photo of the murderer. But since it was a Somali, they’ll likely try to sweep this under the rug as you can’t criticize brown or black people for any reason at all even if they kill someone.

I actually think it might be illegal in the United Kingdom to say anything negative about anybody with brown or black skin. But maybe some of you readers can fact check me on that.


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